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Where Should You Invest Your Hard-earned Money?

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Well for starters, this confusion can be solved simply by measuring essential factors of your purchase. Factors such as finance and time play a vital role in the decision-making process.

Golf Course Road is witnessing a plethora of new construction apartments. Reputed builders with high tech expertise and years of experience are rightly taking advantage of this favorable locality. Therefore, potential buyers should have a clear idea of the investment process.


The risks involving finance may exist more in the resale market or completed projects, especially if there was an initial owner of the flat with pending dues yet to settle. Also, there are a lot of legalities during property transfer that requires a lawyer adding further the burden of his fees.

Whereas in the case of under-construction properties, the payment schedule is pretty flexible. It is usually construction-linked. This enables the buyer to pay in installments. There is more transparency with single ownership and fewer paper complications that could be self-managed.

In the completed project market, you may have to pay the entire amount upfront, or over a short period of time. Moreover, the cost of ready-to-move-in apartments will invariably be higher than the price it commanded during its construction.

Budget and Preference

You can choose projects best suitable for your budget and preference. Residential projects in Golf Course Extension Road, Gurugram such as Ikonic at M3M The Marina is a magnificent structure personifying luxury with lavish interiors and exteriors that further raise their standard of living. Such properties satiate the fundamental parameters of location, price and possession time.

Best Choices for Investment

Most of the under-construction properties are in developing areas. The builders usually mark the potential areas for construction that complement an ambitious lifestyle. Residential projects in Golf Course Extension Road, Gurugram enjoy a strategic location which makes commuting easy due to its proximity and connectivity to commercial and entertainment hubs.

Ready for Possession

There is a primary benefit of buying a ready-for-possession house, to save on rent. If, however, you are not using your space as a residence, you rent it out and earn an easy monthly income. Renting out under-construction properties is not possible because there have been cases where the builder has not handed the possession on time.

There are also financial implications like EMIs on home loan and paying rent on one’s current accommodation. If a buyer does not get possession of the property within five years of availing a home loan, they stand the chance of losing out on tax benefits on the interest payment. Location and builder are two major aspects of investments in residential properties.

Before investing your money in an under-construction project, check out the previous projects done by the builders for reference. M3M builders are renowned in the real estate world for their several completed residential and commercial projects, and they are now coming up with a marvelous assortment of under-construction and completed projects. They have it all covered from favorable locations to luxurious amenities like entertainment, fitness, relaxation and celebration.

It is most important to consider each of these factors before investing your hard-earned money in any real estate property

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