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What You Need To Know About Nitrogen Sports’ NFL Survivor Pool

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Everything is a culmination of a string of decisions. Making decisions is a big part of competing in an NFL Survivor Pool, where there’s no room for mistakes. That doesn’t mean it’s difficult, though. In fact, it’s one of the easiest off-the-field football-related contests that anyone can join.

We’re not trying to be profound here. We’re just merely laying out the groundwork of this piece, which aims to introduce what an NFL Survivor Pool is, where can you join one, and how you can profit from it.

What is an NFL Survivor Pool?

If you have no clue what an NFL Survivor Pool is, don’t worry because it isn’t that complex. You just have to be the last man standing. Otherwise known as Knockout or Suicide Pool, an NFL Survivor Pool needs a player to choose one team per week and hope that it wins to advance to the next. Once you pick a team that loses, you’re out of the contest. One caveat: you can’t pick a team you already selected in previous weeks!

How long does an NFL Survivor Pool run?

NFL Survivor Pools typically run for a good 17 weeks, so it follows that you’ll need to have 17 consecutive correct picks in order to assure a win in your pool. Easy rules, challenging format. Such contest scheme and duration is the same for most NFL Survivor Pool 2019.

Where can I join an NFL Survivor Pool?

Football fans usually set up their own NFL Survivor Pools each year — in their homes, offices, or frat houses. Technology, however, has greatly improved the ease of creating, managing, and playing NFL Survivor Pools, with a plethora of options available on the internet. Take for example Nitrogen Sports, a sportsbook that offers a wide range of NFL Survivor Pools.

Can I win money from playing NFL Survivor Pool?

There’s nothing related to football that you can’t bet on, and that includes these NFL Survivor Pools. Apart from its competitive allure and the fun it provides, NFL Survivor Pools attract countless players because it can be a profitable venture. More than the bragging rights of successfully beating a 17-week contest, the huge prizes at stake in an NFL Survivor Pool are what this is all about. So yes, you can absolutely win money from it, and it all starts in signing up for an existing pool such as those offered by Nitrogen Sports.

Can I use Bitcoin to join a paid NFL Survivor Pool?

Hundreds of sportsbooks are now accepting cryptocurrency for sports wagers, so it won’t be hard finding one where you can use your Bitcoin for any pool. The NFL Survivor Pool is the best avenue to bet Bitcoins because of the flexible, minimum buy-ins that render huge payouts.

Where is the best place to play NFL Survivor Pool using Bitcoin?

Crypto-based sportsbooks are the best platforms to offer NFL Survivor Pool 2019 contests. Out of all these Bitcoin-coin accepting sportsbooks, Nitrogen Sports is the most trusted. Since 2015, Nitrogen Sports has been hosting annual NFL Survivor Pools, with each year being more successful than the last. If you’re planning to use Bitcoin to enter NFL Survivor Pools, Nitrogen Sports has eight (8) available pools with varying buy-in amounts to choose from.

I don’t want to pay a fee in an NFL Survivor Pool. Can I join one for free?

Most NFL Survivor Pools online are paid, since prizes are promised to be given away to winners. But Nitrogen Sports is different because it guarantees hefty prizes even in NFL Survivor Pools that are free to join. Of the eight (8) pools available in the Nitrogen Sports NFL Survivor Pool, one has a zero buy-in, which is the free pool.This encourages players who have no experience in playing NFL Survivor Pools to play and experience one of the best off-the-field entertainments that an NFL season provides. Even better is that the winner of the free pool will get at least a share of the 0.2 BTC at the end of the NFL season.

Is there an NFL Survivor Pool that does not take a cut from the winning player’s prize?

Yes, some sportsbooks don’t charge a commission from the stake. In the Nitrogen Sports NFL Survivor Pool, players can be assured that they’ll earn the most out of the winning drafts they create because Nitrogen does not take a house cut from the pots accumulated for each pool.

How to play NFL Survivor Pools?

As mentioned, joining the contest is easy. The first step is to choose an NFL Survivor Pool 2019 you want to join and pay the corresponding buy-in. Once you’re in, remember that you have to pick one team per week. The selected team needs to win their game that week in order for you to advance into the next round. Also keep in mind that you can no longer re-select a team that you’ve already picked. Strategizing on which teams to select per week is a big key to success in an NFL Survivor Pool.

How to win NFL survivor pools?

Now that you know how the game is played, it’s important that you also learn how to survive it, since that’s the goal here. Here are a few tips that could increase your chances of winning the Nitrogen Sports NFL Survivor Pool:

Plan ahead. A contest that runs for 17 weeks is a long time, so going in without a carefully-crafted plan is as good as a death wish. Making a draft of your picks does the job, especially since you won’t get to pick a team twice. With this, you’ll be able to map out your way into victory.

Rule out the bad teams. It’ll be easier to decide who-wins-what in the NFL Survivor Pool 2019 when you’ve done enough research to categorize the teams according to their strengths. Doing so requires digging up track record, studying the odds, and focusing on offseason changes.

Wait for possible humps before submitting. NFL teams like to drop news bombs at any given time, which can greatly affect your decision-making when it comes to picking teams. A key player’s availability should always be monitored, especially the quarterback, who is the most important piece of an NFL squad. If Tom Brady gets a “questionable” label ahead of a game due to an injury, you may want to choose another team rather than pin your hopes on an offense with Brian Hoyer under center.

An NFL Survivor Pool is a marathon. Patience is required, but it also blurs the line between pure luck and skill to read the right matchups, which is frankly why playing NFL Survivor Pools is fun. Are you ready to take the dip?

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