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What to consider when exhibiting at a trade show

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Steven Conway

Trade shows are important annual events in most industry calendars. They provide an opportunity for networking, learning about the latest issues affecting your industry, and seeing the latest products and innovations produced by other companies. If you are attending a trade show, you should definitely consider reserving an exhibition space for your company. Having a physical presence in the form of a trade show booth can help to draw attention to your company, acting as a form of marketing and a place to show off your products to prospective clients. Here are four things to consider when exhibiting at a trade show.

1. Rented or custom booth?
There is a range of trade show booths available to suit your business and your budget. A custom booth is worth considering if you have the money and are planning on being a regular participant in trade shows. They can be customized with your branding and logos and can provide a unique trade show display specific to your needs. Trade show display rentals, on the other hand, provide a professional-looking, budget-friendly display option if you are not ready to commit to purchasing a booth.

2. What are your specific needs?
Trade shows are available in most industries, from kids toys, construction equipment, and surety bonds to septic tank pumping, all of which present different display challenges. Do you need rails and hangers that will show clothing off without creasing it? Or bookshelves to present your upcoming list without hiding any titles? Sturdy shelving that will hold several heavy pots without weakening? Whatever your business specifically needs, there is a trade show booth available for you. Also, consider the promotional material you will use on your booth. For instance, you can incorporate a screen into your booth if you have a promotional video to show.

3. How do you plan on using your booth?
A trade show booth’s primary function is to display your products and services in an attractive way for other show attendees to see. However, make sure you get the most out of your booth. Trade shows are an opportunity to schedule meetings with clients, both current and potential; make sure that your booth provides a professional space in which to conduct such meetings, perhaps including a meeting space in a quiet area away from the hustle and bustle of the fair. Many companies also host hospitality events at their booths, so you need an attractive setting for wine and nibbles!

4. How large is your exhibition space?
The cost of renting an exhibition space varies depending on the trade show and event center; however, expect to pay more for a larger, premium spot. Trade show displays are available in a range of sizes and options, from large booths containing sofas, bookshelves and TVs, to smaller, portable options consisting of posters and banners. You are sure to find a display option that ensures that your business is shown off to its best possible advantage, whatever the size of your space and budget.

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