What Is The Best Brand In Australia To Design A Custom Cycling Kit For Women?

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If you’re looking for durable, close-fitting cycling jerseys with customizable designs, choose from Champion System Australia’s new collection of bespoke, logo-printed tunics today!

The company are sports apparel specialists based in Hurstville, New South Wales, and they’ve just launched a new range of custom cycling jerseys for women. The recently announced product line offers you professional-quality cycling attire for training and race days. Make all those miles in the saddle more comfortable with Champion System.

The renowned sports suppliers’ latest collection can be customized with any logo or personal design that you desire. The company’s expert team of designers work with you directly to help turn your ideas into a reality. Bespoke cycling clothing first appeared in the 1870s. Towards the end of the century, women’s participation in the pursuit was becoming more widespread, but it wasn’t until the 1920s that sport-specific fabrics first began to appear through specially designed shorts and tunics. Champion System’s selection of female jerseys includes the ‘Every Day’ APEX+ Pro – a hardwearing, close-fitting tunic made from their proprietary ‘GLIDE’ fabric, with breathable OZONE material on the side panels and sleeves. Other features include quick-drying fabric for wet conditions or hot, sweaty rides, as well as UV protection up to factor 50 on the front and rear panels. You also benefit from a reflective strip on the rear pockets, a waterproof ‘stuff’ pocket, and a soft lycra upper zipper garage. There is no minimum order threshold for customized jerseys and, once a design has been agreed upon, you can expect to receive your handmade apparel within four weeks. Each item includes a lifetime quality guarantee and complimentary crash replacement.

For cycling teams, the company offers the CS-Direct service. This provides your cycling collective with its own team store through which you can order your gear. For custom team jerseys, all orders are individually wrapped and shipped to each member. Champion System was founded in 2005 to answer the needs of both amateur and professional cyclists throughout Australia. The company currently has offices in over 22 countries.

A spokesperson says, “Our streamlined design, manufacture and delivery earns nods from Olympians and world champions through to local clubs and teams from a wide range of sporting pursuits.” With the launch of their updated customized cycling jerseys for women, Champion System Australia continue to make advanced fabric technology and comfort the standard for customers throughout Australia and beyond.

If you want a more personal touch on your cycling apparel, get custom-designed jerseys from the top custom cycling clothing brand in Australia today!

Supercharge your stamina on race days with quick-drying, breathable cycling jerseys.

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