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What Do Future Engineers Need To Have The Competitive Edge And How Does MSVIT Provide It?

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All engineering aspirants naturally have one query on their mind – what are their job prospects in India and overseas today? Dr. Rajiv Dahiya, Professor at Mahavir Swami Institute of Technology (MVSIT) has a practical answer. He believes that demand and supply in the industry is on the downside because very few recruiters visit engineering colleges since most of them are located in remote areas. Being strategically located in Sonepat near Delhi NCR, MSVIT has the edge, which it leverages for students via industry exposure and placement opportunities. The professor of Microprocessor and Interfacing, Microcontroller, Switching Theory and Logic Devices offers further insights into how his college enables its students to be successful professionals of tomorrow.

Passion For Engineering

We all have our reasons to opt for Engineering as our career path. For Dr. Dahiya the reasoning was simple; he was into Mathematics in his school days and engineering seemed like the best bet. He went on to do his Ph.D. from MRIU Faridabad and took to teaching to express his passion for the subject. But according to him, “Anyone who is willing to accept challenges and is fuelled by creativity can opt for engineering. It is a very fulfilling career.”

Motto For Teaching

Dr. Dahiya’s mantra in life is to never waste your time, being punctual, efficient and planning. He lives by it while he pursues his research interests in Wireless Sensor Networks. MSVIT not only supports his research but also enables him to bring the practical approach to teaching in the classroom. “The function of teachers is to help students learn by imparting knowledge to them and by setting up situations in which students can and will learn effectively,” he reveals.

Pedagogies That Hit The Spot

Using a smart blend of teaching pedagogies including PPT, Audio visual classes, Practical work and Black Board Teaching, MSVIT faculty help students get a sound grasp of engineering concepts. There is emphasis on hands on training to make them ready for career challenges. “Our endeavor is that every student keeps pace with the studies. If they struggle with understanding certain concepts, we dig deeper into practical real life lessons,” says Dr. Dahiya.

What Does It Take

If you are wondering what are the skills set you need to be a successful engineer, Dr. Dahiya has the answers. Besides technical skills and well groomed personality, you can benefit from add on specialized courses. And how does MSVIT prepare its students for the challenges? “We focus on overall growth of our students. You can come to MSVIT for academic interests, future career and social life. It is also known to lead to better careers,” he stresses.

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