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What are the third party integration challenges in the revive ad server and how to overcome them?

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Revive ad server is a free open source ad serving platform where you can enable ad networks, publishers, and advertisers to:

– Serving the ads in video players, websites, apps and can collect the detailed statistics which may include clicks, impressions, and conversions.
– Through the easy to use interface, management of campaigns for the multiple advertisers and from ad networks can be done all at once.
– The rules for delivering the campaigns and ads are well defined which includes URL targeting, frequency capping, and Geo-targeting.
– The performance of the campaigns can be tracked and reported that may include the click-through rates, conversion rates, eCPM, and revenue and most importantly the conversion details, like the number of items that have been purchased.

What are the third party integration challenges and how to overcome them?

Generally, the collaboration product has to deliver the efficiency, productivity, and flexibility to its users. But when we integrate the relevant third party application such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management), sign-on capability features, document editors, and social media features, here the product value will be added considerably which improves the user experience.
Our Revive ad server mod services ensure you that the integration work will be done as you expected and it would not affect the existing functionalities of your product.
The appropriate integration of third-party applications can make your collaboration product more attractive and beneficial to your valuable users.

The common issues found during integration:
– Generally, third-party application errors are disguised as product errors;
– Accessibility issues between the third party application and your product;
– Incompatibility of the product interface and the third party application.

Following guidelines will help you to resolve these issues:

What we need to do is, to build the extensive product and the third party application knowledge prior to testing:
While testing, issues with the third party application mistakenly filed as a product issue. This probably slows the testing process and affects the time to market drastically. Before executing the test scenarios, your team must have in-depth knowledge of all the domains like API, Mobile, OS, etc.

Proper communication between the third party application and a product has to be verified:

The third party application occasionally fails during the usage. There are two possible reasons for the failure one is when your product is not allowing the third party application to be used or your application is not allowing the accessibility to the product.
Knowledge of the Application Programming Interface (API) and troubleshooting skills are very much essential in order to resolve these issues.
It is indeed to verify that only approved application should only have the access to the product and with all the applicable restrictions and permissions are applied.

Check whether the functionalities of the product remain intact following the integration and prior to upgrading:

You have to give a close attention to the features and workflow of the third party application or product after the integration. When you try to upgrade the product or any third party application, it may cause some loss of features or some kind of breakages. It may affect the users. In order to avoid that, we need to test the upgrades fully before the release.

Revive Ad server mod provides plugins for revive ad server where they have more than 8 years of experience in the development of plugins. Their modules support all the version of revive ad server and offers the hassle-free operations. They do provide the services like ad server installation, integration, up gradation and customisation.
They assist the clients to install the required version of revive/openx ad server in order to make the installation process easier and the expert assistance will be provided to upgrade the older version of ad server to new version of revive ad server.

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