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What Are The Chances of Return of Breast Cancer After Breast Surgery?

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Experts like the renowned breast specialist doctor in Mumbai and top breast cancer oncologist of Delhi are working for reaching some success in this field also. The development of breast cancer after its original occurrence can lead to life-threatening consequences. It needs additional treatment for relieving the patient from the pain. An experienced breast surgeon in Mumbai was helpful to us, she aided us in understanding the different types of recurrence of breast cancer after breast surgery. This article particularly focuses upon the two types of recurrence of breast cancer even after successful breast surgeries, how are they diagnosed, and their treatment options.

The cases of breast cancer are becoming common amongst the world population, it is a terrible sign which has to be considered seriously to avoid life-threatening effect towards the population. Another major risk associated with breast cancer (or any other type of cancer) is the possibility of its recurrence. In cases, when breast cancer returns to its area of original occurrence, it is termed as the local occurrence of breast cancer. On the other hand, when breast cancer develops again and starts to spread to the other body parts, it is a case of metastasis of breast cancer.

Neither local recurrence or metastasis of breast cancer has a hundred per cent probability of development. But since their progression cannot be stopped completely, it becomes important to maintain follow up appointments after the treatment of breast cancer and to report the development of any abnormal sign to the concerned doctor. This safeguards the patient, even in cases where either local recurrence or metastasis of breast cancer has the chances of developing, it is tackled on time with proper treatment and minimised risk towards the health of the patient.

Both local recurrence and metastasis of breast cancer develop in different ways. Local recurrence of breast cancer is often found out through a mammogram whereas metastasis of breast cancer manifests symptoms. These symptoms of metastasis of breast cancer should be acknowledged by the patient and likewise made clear to the concerned doctors. Not every abnormal change in the body is a sign of breast cancer but to be on the safer side, talking to the doctors and providing a detailed description of what the patient is experiencing can be helpful. It could be possible that some of the symptoms are developing due to some other underlying condition. Out of every possibility, it is beneficial to make the doctors aware of the signs than rather ignoring them.

The symptoms of breast cancer can either be specific or vague enough to not be considered serious by the patients. If the patient experiences any of the following conditions, it could be a possible case of metastasis of breast cancer:

• Difficulty in breathing and shortness of breath
• Jaundice
• Pain in the bone
• Seizures
• Unexplained weight loss

On suspecting the development of recurrence of breast cancer, doctors can perform various diagnostic assessments to confirm the possibility and to examine the type of recurrence of breast cancer and its impact on the wellbeing of the patient. Following diagnostic tests can be performed:

• Biopsy
• Blood tests
• Bone scans
• Chest X-rays
• CT scans
• Mammography
• PET scans
• Physical examination
• Tumour marker tests

The results from the diagnostic assessment play a crucial role in determining the mode of treatment which can include revision surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, pain management, targeted therapy, hormone therapy, and medications. The treatment can vary even depending upon the type of treatment provided for the original case of breast cancer.

If a patient underwent lumpectomy and now she is diagnosed with local recurrence, experts will perform mastectomy to remove the entire breast. But if the original case of breast cancer was treated through mastectomy, the treatment for local recurrence of breast cancer is based upon a revision surgery. Doctors can also use an integrated approach with radiation therapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy and hormone therapy contingent upon the condition of the patient and the impact of the local recurrence of breast cancer.

The treatment approach for metastasis of breast cancer is different from its local recurrence. In the former state, follow-up tests are carried out to evaluate the spread of breast cancer and the organs affected by it. It is to be noted, the metastasis of breast cancer to different body parts will not change the focus of treatment as breast cancer. Surgeries along with the collaboration of other techniques may be used though for best outcomes.

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