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West Texas Bariatrics Expands To Offer Non-Surgical Options

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Lubbock, TX – USA | June 18th, 2020 — Weight loss is a struggle for many people, and they often turn to whatever option seems the quickest and easiest. However, weight loss surgery isn’t in reach for everyone, and most quick fixes prescribed by TV personalities and websites simply aren’t very effective.

West Texas Bariatric is proud to announce a new non-surgical weight loss program for overweight and obese patients who have been unsuccessful with weight loss in the past.

HMR is a new type of weight loss program designed for people who have struggled with losing weight in the past and can’t seem to find success through typical diet and exercise alone. This program is rooted in behavioral science to build healthy habits around healthy behaviors to promote long-term wellness.

The structure is simple: the participant is given a minimum amount of food to eat. While this sounds counterproductive to weight loss, it’s actually the cornerstone of the program. Participants are required to consume 2 HMR entrees, 3 HMR shakes, and on the Healthy Solutions plan, 5 servings of fruit and vegetables.

If they’re still hungry, they can eat additional pre-approved foods.

This structure is designed to promote weight loss at a rapid pace, but that’s not all. It’s also designed to help patients keep the weight off. Because it’s designed around lifestyle choices rather than quick fixes, patients are more likely to continue to choose the behaviors that promote a healthy weight.

HMR can be done at home, however doing it at a weight loss clinic like West Texas Bariatric can help speed up the process significantly, while also providing a higher likelihood of success thanks to the additional support.

The benefits of an HMR clinic include maximizing weight loss, simple diet plans that are easier to follow, peer support, and medical supervision during the program. This support is invaluable for patients trying to lose weight in any shape or form.

West Texas will offer two types of plans. The first is the decision-free plan, where eating is kept strictly controlled and medical supervision is provided for maximum weight loss. The second is the healthy solutions plan, where additional fruits and vegetables can be eaten as well in addition to the HMR foods.

For more info about the HMR program, or to ask when spots will open up, call West Texas Bariatrics at 806-771-2222.

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