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We Found The Top Asia Based Furniture Manufacturer and Supplier For Luxury Hotels in UK?

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The global luxury furniture market has grown by nearly 5% in recent years due to consistent growth factors, such as a rise in wealth and disposable income. The demand for high-end furnishing in the hotel and restaurant sector is evident because of a rise in more discerning, wealthy customers expecting a high level of luxury and comfort as standard.

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HKP is a prominent company that specialises in the design development, production and delivery of tailor-made, high-quality furniture and fixtures for the hospitality, residential and retail industries. The company has seen a sharp rise in demand for their services from international clients from Asia to Europe, Australia, and the Middle East, but especially from UK based luxury hotels and restaurants that don’t want to compromise over quality or value for money. HKP is proving to be the most reliable and flexible supplier of tailor-made furniture and furnishings for the UK hotel and restaurant trade due to the company owning its own design and production facilities. The company works closely with their clients right from the initial design and concept stage, through the manufacturing stage incorporating high-quality materials such as wood, metal, glass, fabric and leather, to the final delivery and end installation and inspection of their furniture and accessories.

To learn more visit their website: https://www.hkp-intl.comIn the luxury hotel and restaurant sector, there is a great need for high-end, aesthetically pleasing furniture to help create the right ambiance and improve the value of the space being provided. The UK hotel and restaurant sector have some of the most discerning customers in the world that can recognise good furniture and fixtures and will be more inclined to become a returning customer when they see an establishment has made the right effort with their furniture, fixtures and decor. Because UK luxury hotels and restaurants rely on their high-end customers, they need to ensure they buy the right luxury furnishings for their establishments to make their customers visit as tasteful, pleasant and comfortable as possible, especially if they want to encourage their customers to return often.

The key factor that makes HKP the best furniture suppliers for luxury hotels and restaurants in the UK is that they understand that hotel and restaurant owners prefer high-quality furniture that does not require a lot of upkeep and maintenance.However, they recognise that their clients also want furnishings that are beautiful and will hold their high level of beauty and comfort for a long time. This is why HKP prefers to work with clients on an individual level to deliver a completely bespoke service that fits their need for modern styles, mixed with classical elements as well as good durability.

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