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Ways To Study In Singapore Without IELTS

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IELTS is one of the major examinations that students need to attend to get a chance in foreign universities. The examination is primarily based on the English language which generally judges the speaking, writing, and various other abilities of a particular student. However, there are various countries like Singapore, etc. where the IELTS result is optional. But you need to present some other essential documents. Therefore, various ways you can study in Singapore without your result of IELTS are:

• Foundation Program – A Major Process

An essential factor that you can consider for studying in Singapore without the marks of IELTS is the foundation program. It is generally an additional year that most of the students attend to attend college without IELTS. The program is generally based on Business and Administration, Technology, Hospitality, etc. In addition, you need to spend extra 8-11 months in order to complete the foundation program. Hence, you can consider this as an essential process for studying in a particular country without IELTS.

• Foundation Study Certificate – Another Vital Process

Another vital process that a student of Singapore can consider for studying in the country without IELTS is the foundation studies certificate. It is generally a 7-module program that is primarily designed for the students who have completed their 10 years of education in Singapore and planning for higher studies. Hence, you can consider applying for the certificate if you are eligible for it.

• Preparatory Programs – For the English Language

One of the major factors you can consider is the preparatory program. It is primarily a six-month preparatory course that plays a vital role in improving the ability of students. In addition, it also judges the eligibility of a particular student. Thus, you are recommended to enroll yourself in the preparatory program to study in Singapore without IELTS. The program is generally divided into two levels that are:

• Level 1: For Basic English
• Level 2: To Teach The Students The Fundamentals Of English

Furthermore, these are the reasons for which you must consider preparatory programs as essential for studying in Singapore without the result of IELTS.

Various Documents That You Need:

• Two Photocopies Of V395, V36, and Form 16
• Passport
• Birth Certificate
• Attested Copies of Your Degree And Marksheet
• Two Academic References
• Two Employee References (Optional)
• Statement Of Purpose
• Updated Resume

What’s The Takeaway?

By reading this blog you can readily understand that these are the basic ways through which you can enroll yourself in colleges of Singapore without having IELTS marks. However, you are recommended to take detailed information on the process to avoid inconvenient situations. In addition, you can also contact consultants for your further benefit.

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