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Want to get your users HOOKED? Get FLYY – A powerful growth hacking tool for Mobile Apps, Website

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Flyy a growth hacking tool for Acquire, Engage
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Once FLYY’s plug-and-play SDK is integrated into a product, their Growth/Marketing team can start running acquisition, retention & engagement campaigns within few hours.

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Do you hesitate to answer the below questions?

A Growth Hackers role is to get maximum growth out of minimum input.

So it is very important to know what the user wants from the app or what they actually look forward while using the app.

In order to understand this, you should start thinking from their point of view or get inside the user’s mind.

Once you start understanding this, it becomes easy to achieve growth.

Checkout FLYY to help you with Acquisition, Engagement & Retention.

– A simple referral campaign can take 6-7 weeks of development & testing

– Basic Daily check-in campaign can take 2-3 weeks of planning

– An in-app gamification campaign can take months to execute

Dear Growth folks, we understand your pain.

Case study-
Companies achieving growth with minimum spending is what a perfect growth hacking looks like –

* Hotmail – inserting the text “Get your free E-mail at Hotmail” at the bottom of every e-mail sent from their platform.

* Airbnb – They leveraged Craigslist to drive traffic and listings on their own site. Each time a listing was made in their area on Craigslist, they would email the homeowner and ask if they would like to list on Airbnb.

* Paypal – Every time a friend you referred created an account, both you and your friend would receive $10 in your wallet. In this way, they acquired a new user and also created a stored value for the user to come back and use the service again.

* Dropbox – They created a referral program similar to PayPal but rewarded something more valuable, so both you and your friend would receive 250 MB of extra storage upon successful invite. This way each new user costs Dropbox 500 MB of disk space.

* Linkedin – enabled users to create public profiles that search engines would List. In other words, users would show up organically in search results and could get listed on the front page of Google without having to pay for it.
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