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VPS Hosting India Review – Fastest Virtual Private Server Hosting?

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VPS Hosting is fast emerging as the need of the hour. As more and more companies realise the problems of shared server hosting, they are opting for VPS hosting. Today a lot of business owners are searching for web hosting solutions that help them establish their presence in the online world.

Currently, VPS Hosting India claims to offer the fastest Virtual Private Server hosting services in India. High on performance and functionality, a virtual private server option works well for small scale and large scale businesses. There was a time when startups had no choice but to opt for shared server hosting to cut costs and yet register a virtual presence. However, the lack of control in a shared server hosting often posed major security issues and a variety of other problems.

In my opinion, Virtual Private Server Hosting comes across as a solution to all these problems. Instead of asking your business to share a server, it gives you a chance to own the virtual server space entirely. This way you, the business owner has more control and ability to streamline the operations of your business. So indeed it is a preferred choice.

Additionally, given the pace at which the economy today is racing towards the tech savvy era, virtual private server hosting is sure to take center stage. A relatively naive concept, VPS hosting is more about avoiding the physical infrastructure and yet maintaining a reliable server.

And therefore, it is upto companies like VPS to be the flagbearer of this transition from shared to virtual private server hosting. I do believe that they are doing quite a bit effort in this direction. For instance, providing reliable service and round the clock availability is a big crowd puller for companies that invest in virtual private server hosting.

Zero Downtime

One of the first parameters up for review when it comes VPS hosting India is the up time. A lot of entrepreneurs are often seen complaining about the downtime that their shared server comes with. So, now we take a look at the possible solution to this situation offered by Virtual Private Server hosting by VPS. All during the test phase, VPS had 100 % uptime. I believe this is an excellent option for startups and established businesses. After all, the last thing that you want to worry about is your website being down when a prospective customer tries to reach out.

Money wise!

Another parameter, that I think will interest business owners is the amount of investment that a virtual private server hosting setup demands. VPS Hosting has some really impressive plans for beginners as well as the advanced level requirements. The rates are affordable, more so when you look at the long run advantages.

Good support

Okay so we didn’t face any major problems. But, I still wanted to check their customer assistance team. And the results are indeed motivating. They provide round the clock support. So, even if I had a query in midnight, their team was available to resolve it. The VPS team provides 24×7 live-chat and email support.

Infrastructure demands

Setting up a server is not easy. We know that. However, the reason why I recommend virtual server hosting to my friends and colleagues is because it is relatively easier to instal. In case of VPS, the virtual server setting they offer does not require, the business owner to invest in any physical hardware setup. In my opinion, this is great. Because it also means that no extra space is blocked in my office and the work still gets done at its pace!

I would say, the security features on VPS products is far more enhanced than the usual shared server hosting options. In fact, it gives you more control over the business operations allowing you to grant or restrict access. This in itself is an excellent security feature. As I have already mentioned before, the site experiences zero downtime so you don’t have to worry about your guards being down at any point of time.

Virtual private server hosting is fast emerging as a necessity for budding businesses as well as established ones. And why not? Given the value for money deal that organisations like VPS are offering, I don’t see any reason why a business owner should resist the change.

To conclude, I would like to say that in my opinion, the virtual server hosting by VPS Hosting India is an excellent choice for business owners.We have done a thorough review based on the above mentioned key parameters and the product really delivers it’s worth giving us no reason to complaint!

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