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Visual Marketing Australia Says No Business is Too Small for Zoho’s Newest CRM System – Zoho Bigin!

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What motivated CRM Systems by Visual Marketing Australia to introduce this new tool to customers is VMA’s commitment to providing the best Zoho CRM system implementation and training services to the many companies they work with, now and in the future. VMA’s role is to adapt perfectly to the ever-changing customer needs and offer both advice and tools that are affordable, measurable and extremely effective to any business, no matter how big or small.

Many small businesses miss the amazing opportunity of using marketing and sales automation because owners think the company is too small for CRM Software such as Zoho. These entrepreneurs don’t want to pay for features they will not use, and we totally agree with them. Unfortunately, the CRM software market had come up short in providing small businesses with a product that catered to their needs. The good news is Zoho has addressed this issue and created Zoho Bigin because every business needs a CRM, no matter how small they are. Being small is not an excuse for businesses to keep using inefficient spreadsheets for their customer-related operations.

The new product has been described by John Bond, Visual Marketing Australia CEO, as “a perfect CRM for small business as it is a cut down version of the Zoho CRM.” He fully supports the introduction of the new service and feels it will mark a new era for small-business CRM due to Bigin providing great benefits to its users:

· Easy prospects engagement
Keep in touch with your prospects through built-in telephony, email, Twitter, web forms, social media, etc.

· Pipeline management
Never lose a prospect again due to poor pipeline visibility. Zoho Bigin allows businesses to stay on top of every deal with intuitive pipeline view, CRM data customisation, multiple pipeline management, and activity management.

· Close those deals while they’re hot
Quickly move deals through your pipeline using the automation that eliminates time-consuming manual work and cuts down on the time spent on each deal.

· Easy to import and export data
Client’s existing CRM data can be easily imported to Zoho Bigin, without any security issues. Bigin is hosted on the Zoho platform that puts privacy and data security at the heart of its business.

· Fully mobile and integrated with your other apps
Clients can start using Zoho Bigin now, from your smartphone, without struggling to access your data. Zoho Bigin features plug-and-play integrations with G Suite, Microsoft 365, and Zoho Desk, so the moment when you install it, everything is taken care of.

About CRM Systems:
The digital marketing team and CRM Software experts at Visual Marketing Australia are based in South East Queensland on the beautiful Gold Coast. They also cover Brisbane and Sunshine Coast regions, as well as clients worldwide. As a digital marketing company established in 2009, we have seen a lot of changes over the years and gained vast experience in what works and more importantly – what doesn’t; we strive to provide a complete online marketing solution so you can focus on your core business while still having your customer relationships managed effectively and with ease.

Contact VMA now for more information on how you can use CRM systems such as Zoho Bigin to automate your sales and marketing processes. Follow VMA’s website and social media channels for regular updates.

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