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Ventilation Should Be the Key Element of a Two Storey Building Design in Australia

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15th November 2019, Australia

Ventilation is one of the critical factors of a building. However, more often than not, builders tend to focus on style at the expense of ventilation. Is there a way to experiment with style without compromising with the more functional aspects of a house? There sure is. Builders need to pay adequate attention to ventilation while working on a two storey building design. The following are some expert tips on ensuring proper ventilation.

1. Align Windows and Doors According to Climate

The climate varies from one region to the next. Therefore, the construction of windows and doors is not wholly objective. The architecture should take maximum advantage of the prevailing winds. The direction of the wind depends on the region. In coastal areas, the breeze is mostly inland, whereas maritime areas are full of strong winds.
If there are logistical constraints while undergoing a new house construction, you may plant fences and surrounding trees to channel the breeze.

2. Select the Right Window Type

A lot depends on what type of window you choose. The design of a window affects wind-flow significantly.
If you want a traditional style, go for casement windows. Casement windows offer the maximum ventilation. You may also choose louvre windows which are particularly conducive to regulating the speed of airflow. If yours is a two storey building design, the same should preferably go for louvre windows. It is the ideal pick for monitoring the ventilation paths. It is also favourable for cross-ventilation.

3. Go for Convectional Airflow

Convection airflow is one which uses temperature differences to stimulate air. Buoyant warm air rises and escapes through the ventilators while the cooler air settles down in the room.

There are several construction techniques to achieve convectional airflow. A new house construction may consider availing clerestory windows, double-hung windows, skylights and exclusive roof ventilators. Convectional airflow is particularly significant as it facilitates comprehensive cross-ventilation. The latter is singularly vital for houses in tropical regions.

The most stellar home builders often overlook ventilation. Aesthetics is the overriding concern of modern architecture. However, it is equally important to pay attention to the more functional aspects of a building. The house should be sustainable for a significant period.

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