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VENSEARCH – Connecting Technology Businesses!

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288 Belflower Road
Georgia 31794 
United States

To ALL business founders, owners, executives, operators, directors, managers, and decision makers of technology businesses, (vendors, brands/manufacturers, supply chains, associations, carriers, consulting firms, building construction, recruiting firms).

Are you ready for a game changer in the technology industry?
Are you ready for your business to be easily discovered by customers?
Are you ready for customers to be able to review your business portfolio, service offerings, brands, specialties, and specific business information all within a streamlined profile?
Are you ready for an innovative platform that delivers an all-encompassing solution that contains bundled features and services that are always included with membership?
Are you ready for a true advocate for your business?
Are you ready for a platform that truly brings it all together and will continue to enhance and add features with the best interest of its members and users in mind?
Are you ready for a way to find exactly what you are looking for, connect, collaborate, and drive results?

Well wait no more, it is here and available today!

1. VENSEARCH brings brand awareness by streamlining and combined marketing avenues, ideas, and innovation with a unique thought process that hasn’t been done before in this manner.
2. VENSEARCH brings together marketing tools and capabilities that are economical and cost effective for the business.
3. VENSEARCH is rooted on a forward-thinking growth strategy and will continue to expand the platform, integrate innovative ideas, and provide viable features, all with the benefit of the members in mind. Our roadmap for the future is astonishing!
4. VENSEARCH is an advocate for all members and is driven by relationships, we love what we do which is to help all businesses and individuals connect, be discovered, and drive results.
5. VENSEARCH is a unique platform that truly brings all businesses together into a “business focused” platform with the business first mindset.
6. VENSEARCH allows for easy discovery and includes innovative features no matter what level of membership a business chooses. Global search engines, legacy directories, and other services are broad and doesn’t provide the results or the features that the VENSEARCH platform delivers upon.
7. VENSEARCH’s platform includes location driven dynamic searches with a map view, innovative features, dedicated job board for all members, and customer advocacy, all for the membership price based on the level a business chooses. The VENSEARCH platform allows for cost savings for businesses by combining many tools that businesses pay for separately.
8. VENSEARCH is live, active, and available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year. Businesses have visibility and awareness at all times!
9. VENSEARCH allows for business profiles to be discovered, shared, and used in a manner that brings awareness, responsiveness, and generates leads and referrals by bundling features.
10. VENSEARCH brings businesses together and includes many bundled features. VENBOARD is included with VENSEARCH memberships which allows for all businesses to realize the value of an end to end solution to their marketing needs.

It is our privilege and pleasure to notify you that the VENSEARCH platform is now live and ready for sign up! We know that you will find VENSEARCH extremely useful, very economical, packed with benefits, and results will be realized.
We look forward to helping you with your success!

Thank you and God Bless!

Go to vensearch and sign up today! Results will be realized!

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