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Velmenni gets the National Entrepreneurship Award’19 from Dr Mahendra Nath Pandey

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Over 6,000 remarkable applicants, Just 39 winners. Velmenni was one of them!

9th November 2019 has become an unforgettable day for us. We had the honour of receiving the National Entrepreneurship Award from the Minister of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Dr. Mahendra Nath Pandey. A moment of pride for not just us but for all those work in the fields of research & innovation.

Founded in 2012, Velmenni ( is the first venture to explore the universe of visible light communications technology in India. Having relocated to Tartu, Estonia in 2014, Velmenni (P) India became our affiliate as a part of the group entity. With our prime product being LiFi, we’re disrupting the world of data communication at the speed of light!

We have managed to create a LiFi-based mesh network solution which helps in transferring data across long distances. The product makes setting up wireless networks in ground, motion & air possible, where optical cable infrastructure is difficult to implement otherwise.

Our team has been working on LiFi for the past 7 years. It has pioneered in achieving several research and development milestones. Today, our main focus is on optimization of speed efficiency and seamless connectivity within the LiFi domain.

Having held successful runs of LiFi technology in multiple locations, we’re presently conducting pilot projects to utilise bidirectional Visible Light Communication in diverse industrial conditions. The goal remains to integrate LiFi and Wi-Fi to create impeccable, efficient and productive networks.

The core vision of our company is to build technology through science and research, applicative across various verticals that conclusively results in absolute global empowerment.

Of late, we have been channelising our energies on creating applied, real-world use cases and delivering proof of concepts in the aeronautics and consumer domains.

Using the current infrastructure, we strive to turn scientific research into products of value.

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