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Vedanta Air Ambulance from Delhi Shifted Cardiovascular Patient

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Friday, 13th September 2019. Hey there, Greetings all.

A patient suffering from serious cardiovascular disease recently transferred to the Jaslok Hospital, which is a preeminent super specialty hospital offering best class medical services and located in Mumbai Maharashtra. The first patient evicted from the Bansal Global Hospital and transfer to the airport with paramedic team and shifted to charter aircraft to take off for Mumbai Jaslok Hospital.

It’s a really very painful moment for the patient suffering from Chest pain or discomfort, shortness of breath, slow heartbeat and again and again dizziness and it makes the patient helpless.

The cardiovascular disease directly affects the heart of the patient and creates a huge health problem and if it is not treated in the right place at the right time, then the patient may also die.

The Vedanta Air ambulance medical team was very careful while shifting and used to take care of a patient time to time providing medical drug because the health situation of a patient was very critical. The Vedanta air ambulance offers a bed to bed transfer and the patient had no problem.

Vedanta air ambulance in Delhi and Mumbai offers 24/7 hours emergency medical support staff system at a very reasonable cost and train, air and road ambulance plays important role relocate patient from one location to another.

The main priority of a Vedanta Air Ambulance in Delhi satisfies the patient by providing the high-in-class emergency medical facility. Whenever in emergency call, the medical team immediately responds to the person in need and as per the health situation provides first aid then transfer to hospital.

Vedanta Air Ambulance Services in Mumbai is well equipped with advanced and upgraded medical machines used for a health checkup and to monitor the health condition in an urgent situation. Charter aircraft from Mumbai to transport patient can also be booked online and it is more convenient and hassle-free too.

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