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Unleash your inner songwriter, sequenced dance music competition ‘Play your Part’ closes October 1st

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Creative souls regardless of age, gender or ability are invited to enter in the latest music competition sponsored by 4 Ballroom Dance Co-op Ltd. In addition to Playlist inclusion for 12 months entrants have the opportunity to win:

A choice of prize including cash, musical instruments, music lessons, music recording, music-library play. Each prize is distributed by category or relevance to the winner.

Monthly discretionary incentive prizes may be distributed throughout the contest period. As there is a lengthy songwriting contest roll-out the time gives the community and organisations time to enter, while allowing the real-life use of songs, lyrics and musical entries.

The contest is all about bringing attention to Dance music, not only for its listening qualities but for its structure. Full information can be found on the website:

When asked about the competition, Program coordinator Maureen, had this to say about why people should enter:

“The 4 Ballroom Dance Co-op is excited to provide this first-ever opportunity across music platforms to focus specifically on end-purpose music pieces, to offer a wide range of options for inclusion in the arts and specific dance-related material. With numerous categories open, there is something for everyone to participate in, even if you cannot play a note, you can let your creative juices flow with lyrics. Its like a mini-major allowing anyone interested in music to test their talents regardless of training or age. Music and Dance is an ageless pastime, passion or profession that can serve you through life and take you many places.”

Winners will be chosen based on selection via an initial suitability panel, followed by real life case use around the country. Winners in all categories will be announced on November 1st 2018. Those who are interested can sign up for the music contest via the 4 ballroom dance co-op website.

When asked “Why the competition runs for such a long time?” Maureen explained:

“Because the entries come from far and wide and dance is an inclusive listening experience, for the most part everyone has to make-friends with new songs. The time frame given allows the selection of suitable entries to be included in the playlist used by teachers and social dance operators each month. Providing real life dancers from DanceSport to Social dancers and across genres’ the opportunity to put the pieces to the test in-live on the floor situations.”

Deadline for entry is October 1st 2018 with entries played in the dance community commencing February 2018.

The 4 Ballroom Dance Co-op is a non-profit organisation facilitating a sustainable partnered dance community and all associated ancillaries, across the entire spectrum of Social Sequenced Dance, Rock and Roll, Swing, Latin, New Vogue, Old Time, DanceSport and more including Dance History.

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