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The internet offers truly limitless possibilities for self-promotion and virtual commerce. Offering your works to the vast web community is probably one of the best ways to get a decent reward for your talent without paying extra money to dealers and galleries. How do you start selling your art online? Here are a few tips to help you get the things going.

1. Set up an art blog.

Before you can move to larger-scale online presence in the form of a full-fledged website, it’s advisable to introduce yourself to the target audience by keeping an art blog on one of the popular blogging platforms. Update it regularly with photos and prints of your new works, but don’t limit your blog to a picture gallery. Try making it interesting and personal – perhaps, share your painting experience, add a how-to section and, of course, participate in discussions to show your readers that you care about their opinion.

2. Streamline your website.

Once you buy a domain for your future website, make sure it’s fully functional and user-friendly. Don’t try to save up by hiring cheap unprofessional designers and coders – visitors won’t hang out on a site that is too slow, awkward-looking, and full of bugs. Take special care of your virtual gallery that should be properly catalogued and easily browsable. To give visitors a clear idea of your actual works, take photos with a high-resolution camera or scan them on high-precision equipment.

3. Promote your art in social networks.

Social networks always crawl with people in a large concentration. Use that to your advantage by creating a dedicated page on Facebook, Instagram and other popular virtual hangouts. Post images of your Unique Wall Decor actively on frequently visited art-related pages or even contact users directly through private messages (although excessive spamming can get you in trouble). While updating your page, make sure every posting contains a link to your primary website.

4. Announce a promotional discount.

Lure your first buyers with discounted prices or bonus items. People love to get something for free.

5. Make it convenient to buy your art.

Does your website support a sufficient range of credit cards and digital payment systems? How are Unique Paintings delivered to customers? Are they charged additionally for delivery? Team up with third parties whose involvement will make the process of buying and receiving art convenient for users and lucrative for you.

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