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Ultimate Edge Communications appoints Jude O’Leary Ghosh to the role of Customer Success Manager

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Sydney, July 31st, 2019: Sydney-based media marketing consultancy Ultimate Edge Communications (UEC) has appointed Jude O’Leary Ghosh to the role of Customer Success Manager to bolster its creative team with a customer facing role to connect and coordinate external stakeholders to internal marketing campaigns and activities.

As UEC continues to integrate its 4 creative functions; media, creative design, marketing automation & intelligence, it needs the human element to complement the visual problem solving and advanced optimisation tools that preface the deployment of sophisticated Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Predictive Modelling and Advanced Machine Learning tools it is pioneering.

Jude started his career as an Online Social Editor with a start-up company while majoring in Marketing and Management as a UTS undergrad. He then moved into a role at MCN managing on-air commercials for agencies and top brands and agencies such as PHD, ADAD, Sportsbet and TAB. He later shifted into the out-of-home market, at APN Outdoor which merged with JCDecaux who managed Sydney Airport’s expansive network of digital displays.

“Jude’s traditional media experience crossing over into digital was what we found valuable because of our foundational belief in the complementary leverage of media to reinforce a message in market via different modalities, depending on the budget, campaign duration and project outcomes” explains Aleisha McCall, Ultimate Edge Communications founder and CEO.

At UEC, Jude will be responsible for integrating media planning and buying with creative design to leverage the power of marketing automation & intelligence for clients who want to optimise their pathways to purchase and/or enhance their post-purchase customer experience. “This customer-facing role brings our clients closer into the strategic and tactical decision-making involved in campaign design and activation” adds McCall. “We work intimately with business owners and marketing managers who are fully vested in campaign results, acutely aware of the interactively dynamic nature of the tight feedback loop required to quickly identify what works and what doesn’t.”

Jude’s role is pivotal in the deployment of the strategic initiatives UEC is bringing to the market to support its bold and unique selling proposition:

We’re relentless trailblazers on the leading edge, delivering fully integrated data-driven media, creative design and marketing automation & intelligence by intimately collaborating with high growth brands seeking long-lasting market-beating results from an infectiously passionate team.

Since its inception in 2014, UEC has provided ultimate results to a wide range of Australian and international brands, including Virgin Active, Paspaley, Under Armour, Mortgage House, Red Balloon, Jeans for Genes are more.

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Ultimate Edge Communications

Ultimate Edge Communications (UEC) was founded in Sydney in 2014, by Aleisha McCall, finalist of B&Ts “30 under 30 Entrepreneur” and a former international synchronised ice-skating champion.

UEC is able to over-deliver on expectations by being the conductor to an orchestra of moving parts that create a symphony of results that resonate with highly targeted audiences across both B2B and B2C sectors.

The composition begins with expert media buying that requires establishing a key strategic proportion between traditional offline and digital media spending. Once the budget allocation is defined, it then proceeds to tactical deployment of funds across the selected channels to ensure target market optimisation to set the stage for everything that follows.

The second act is to create design elements specifically tailored to each of the channels to ensure optimal conversions while providing coherent maximum brand reinforcement. The collaboration and synchronisation of media and creative design is one of the reasons UEC out-performs its peers as well as internal marketing departments.

The third act builds on this momentum to integrate lead generation and client acquisition activities to feed into a cohesive customer journey that provides a higher conversion on their path to purchase. This is enabled with sophisticated automated workflows that create and enhance the customer experience, reducing attrition at or immediately following a purchase as well as substantially improving customer satisfaction during the consumption of the product or service. This inevitably reduces operational costs. Even though UEC is focused on media, sales and marketing, the systemisation of multiple customer journeys translates into organisational improvements that further create benefits with economies of scale. These improvements often provide the much-needed capacity to grow quickly without substantial additional and costly human resources.

The last act builds to a crescendo by embracing leading-edge technologies including: artificial intelligence, machine learning, heuristics, predictive modelling and data analytics to fully embrace the concept of deliberate practice principles that have created Olympic medallists and World Champions. This complex process involves creating a self-reinforcing feedback loop that automatically and systematically applies highly sophisticated mathematics and statistical techniques to optimise all the moving components, so we can manage, monitor and adjust each variable in harmony with the others to maximise profits at the minimum cost while sustaining the highest quality and brand integrity.

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