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Type rating – Airbus 320 , ATR 72- 600

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After completing your Commercial Pilot training , one has to go for specialization in a particular aircraft type if the weight of the aircraft is more than 5700 kg . There are various aircrafts airlines fly like A320 ( Airbus 320 ) , B737 ( BOEING 737 ) , ATR 72-600 , Q400 etc . It is always advisable for Indian students to do this rating from a TRTO which provides training as per DGCA curriculum, as it is very important to do training as per Dgca s syllabus otherwise one could have trouble getting type rating endorsed on his Indian Dgca Cpl .

One important thing to watch is Dgca does not allow more than certain sim sessions on Fixed base simulator and rest sim sessions have to be done on Full Flight simulator . Training standards should be high as its not just about getting your rating done , its all about developing that skill which is required to pass a sim check with an airline to secure a job . There are a couple good TRTO s worldwide who offer excellent quality ground and sim training , would request you to choose them . Sometimes students are just looking for a cheap price and many times quality of training in sacrificed , which is not good . At the end of the day this is what will get you a job tomorrow .

There are a couple good TRTO s in europe complying with EASA & DGCA curriculum , you check out with them for a quote . Also check with them if they are familiar with Dgca paperwork as that is what Dgca will require to convert your foriegn Type rating to Indian Type rating . In todays Indian aviation it is more safe to do your rating on A320 OR ATR 72-600 , as Indian has many of those and more vacancies are coming up for them

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