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Phone:908026634450, a website providing several professional articles on subjects ranging from surface mount electronic assembly to computer networking, has been updated recently to HTTPS website. The same had been made possible by using secure certificate from LetsEncrypt, an Open Source encryption certificate provider. Though it uses plain certificate, it would be updated to wildcard certificate as and when made available. Wildcard certificates are a commonly requested feature for websites with multiple sub domains.

The advantages of using HTTPS is that it 1) Provides secure channel between the user computer and the web server. 2) Data privacy and integrity for communication between the Internet and the user computer, 3) Website ownership traceability, and 4) Priority search engine ranking (several search engines such as google, consider HTTPS as a ranking signal).

One disadvantage of using HTTPS is that it requires periodic validation for the certificate, and it might so happen that your website keyword ranking drop if not properly migrated. One needs to ensure that the sitemap.xml is updated to point to the new HTTPS URLs, and robots.txt is not blocking the web pages.

The old URL (non https version) still works because the same had been redirected to the secure website (https version) using htaccess file. Though one may redirect the http to https website in many ways, It is recommended to use 301 redirect in htaccess (also known as permanent redirect)

Please check out the new website here:

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