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Triple A Transcription – Accurate Transcription Service Provider

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Transcription is a professional approach through which a service provider converts a video or audio file into a written text document. Service providers offer this service on sectors like business, medical, academic, legal, general etc. Availing this service helps businesses, students, doctors and other professionals with their work or studies. Triple A Transcription is one of the best transcription service provider in Australia that offers manually performed transcription service.

– About Triple A Transcription
Located in Australia, Triple A Transcription is a leading online transcription service provider that offers accurate and affordable services across the globe. Their professional and experienced team of transcribers has the ability to address any transcription need of their client.

– Services Offered by Triple A Transcription
The company offer transcription services in the following industries:

1. Business Transcription Service: Businesses opt for this service for creating an archive of both video and audio recording of their meetings, workshops, and conferences. Availing business transcription service helps businesses with avoiding disputes and lawsuits.

2. Medical Transcription Service: This is an allied health profession through which the transcriber transcribes voice-recorded report narrated by a doctor, MD or other healthcare professionals into an electronic text document.

3. Interview Transcription Service: Through this service Triple A Transcription helps their clients with getting a transcribed file of solo and group interviews.

4. Academic Transcription Service: Both students and professors can take this service for transcribing a lecture narrated in the class, seminar or workshop. Availing this service help both of them to take a quick look at the main points discussed in the interview.

5. General Transcription Service: They mainly offer the services mentioned above. Meanwhile, clients can also contact them for transcribing a file for other purposes.

– How to Work With Them
By following the 4 steps mentioned below anyone can avail transcription services from them:

Step 1 – Enter your individual or organizational details and after that upload the audio file and send it to them.

Step 2 – Triple A Transcription will transcribe the audio within the given turnaround time and after that, you will be informed.

Step 3 – At this stage, you have to make the payment.

Step 4 – Receive the transcribed file and enjoy hassle-free service

– Why Choose Triple A Transcription
Triple A Transcription is the leading Australian transcription service provider that offers accurate transcription service within any given turnaround time. They manually perform every transcription project that helps them to offer accurate service at an affordable price.

Contact Triple A Transcription
Call: +61 02 8003 4117(8:30am – 9:30pm)

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