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Tradition in the Eyes of Traditional Home Style Builders in Melbourne, Victoria

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31st January, 2020 – Melbourne

‘Classic’ is the word when it comes to traditional homes. However, according to expert traditional home style builders in Melbourne, people often misinterpret the term. It is, first and foremost, not reductive in the general sense. Besides, traditional architecture is inherently multidimensional – a medley of diverse cultural and artistic strains blending into a harmonious whole.

What Are the Features of Traditional Decorations?

The traditional decoration is something that seeps with calmness, predictability and nuance. You will not find anything surreal about it. Home builders in Victoria maintain that the absence of the element of surprise might be one of the points why many find traditional homes outmoded.

Upholstered furniture is one of the widespread elements of traditional rooms. Apart from that, a fine blend of vertical and horizontal lines is another mark of traditionalism. The same leads to gentled curves across pillows and accessories.

Colours often come nuanced. You would not find traditional home style builders in Melbourne recommending lurid shades such as neon-bright textures. Lighter colours are used on walls to contrast the relatively deeper tones of the floors. Floral motifs are widely seen.

Traditional Positioning of Home Furniture

Furniture in a traditional room is essentially arranged in a linear axis within the room. More often than not, the sofa is placed perpendicular to the fireplace. Interestingly, the dining room has a separate space of its own in a traditional house. According to traditional home builders in Victoria, in the case of light fixtures, wall sconces and floor lamps are more frequently used.


The primary purpose of the present write-up was to clarify the abstracted notion of classicism. Indeed, the latter is not something plucked out of air. It is a decisive mode of architecture, one that entails transparent reckoning. More often than not, homeowners mix classicism with its various undeserved clones. Let cognisance, then, start from the receiver’s end for the best.

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