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Top 50 Best TEFL Certification Courses

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What is a TEFL course?

TEFL that represents Teaching English as a Foreign Language, and TESOL that is Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. These are worldwide courses for educators’ who search for a worldwide vocation opportunity.

With English being celebrated as the universal open language in various corners of the world, anxious understudies trust that a gifted educator will manage them.

TEFL guaranteed mentors have openings in Schools, University, other training stages, Corporate Houses, and so on.

TEFL programs are for instructing in nations where English isn’t the essential language being used and not generally spoken in, yet because of the worldwide prerequisites have a rising interest; like in Russia, Argentina, France and numerous Asian nations like China.

“TESOL is the general overall name providing for the field of English language educating. ”

A TEFL (a.k.a TESOL) affirmed course would give an individual all the vital abilities to turn into a powerful instructor. These abilities will help you paying little heed to where you go or which set of crowd you need to confront. The experience an individual will pick up from this preparation will form in making showing methodologies of their own, break liberated from the well established bound of instructing strategies and thoroughly consider of the case.

Who is this course for?

A certified TEFL course is for anyone who wishes to stay in the educating field. One may be from a non-phonetic region (be it specialized or business foundations) can even now change tracks to turn into a TEFL certified professional. For some, the course has been a way to make their fantasies come to the real world. Be it investigating the distinctive culture or travel better places to chipping in or should be telecommute, TEFL certified instructors have a lot of valuable chances.

A TEFL course opens up hundreds and thousands of entryways for employment, giving one lucrative openings for work. The necessity for an instructor with TEFL certification guarantees a quality education to the understudies. This qualification helps in making selection simpler.

In what manner would it be a good idea for one to pick a TEFL course?

The errand of picking a certified TEFL course is fairly critical before deciding on this profession in light of the fact that overall recognition assumes a huge job in your vocation.

Accreditation from an all around renowned free body for TEFL courses is required for the standard TEFL certification. Schools or places that will employ you will likewise investigate the accreditation of your session along with your endorsement.

As per international principles, a TEFL certified course would join at least 100 – 150 hours of class time. The curriculum must be accredited by a perceived confirming regulatory body that will satisfy all the worldwide prerequisites.

The valuing of the TEFL course is to be checked. The TEFL certified course expense runs commonly from $500-$1200.

Hands-on experience is one of the basic prerequisites for giving the foundation to one to get settled and turn into a confident professional English educator. Hybrid online classes for TEFL certification are extraordinary spots that offer these experiences.

The course coach must be a space master and have a senior degree and experience in the instructing field. Tip to find out about the mentors is to check the surveys on them. Understudies would leave great audits if the coaches were amazing.

Ensure the institute that is giving the course additionally extends employment opportunity support. Situation is a significant criterion to search for in the event that you need to get paid soon after the session. Check the websites and audits to check whether the course joins entry level position and openings for work.

50 Best Certified TEFL Courses

I will give readers 50 such TEFL certification giving institutes that either offers an online or a webpage course of English Teaching. What’s more, in the wake of giving insights regarding all the 50 courses, I will conclude by announcing which of them is the best and positions number 1 among the 50 courses.

The comparisons will be basic and dependent on the accompanying focuses:


Curriculum and course range

Course expenses


Project/Hands-on Experiences


Job support

Rank #1: Henry Harvin TEFL Academy
Rank #2: International TEFL Academy
Rank #3: International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT)
Rank #4: The Language House TEFL
Rank #5: I-to-I TEFL
Rank #6: Premier TEFL
Rank #7: MyTEFL
Rank #8: TEFL Worldwide Prague
Rank #9: Maximo Nivel
Rank #10: Teach Away
Rank #11: Oxford TEFL
Rank #12: Global English TESOL Courses
Rank #13: Let’s TEFL
Rank #14: Teaching Nomad- Teacher Link
Rank #15: International TEFL and TESOL
Rank #16: TEFL Org UK
Rank #17: UK-TEFL
Rank #18: Global Language Training TEFL
Rank #19: TEFL Express
Rank #20: TEFL Full Circle
Rak #21: CIEE TEFL
Rank #22: Enjoy TEFL
Rank #23: ICAL TEFL
Rank #24: Marshall University
Rank #25: TEFL Boot Camp- TEFL Educator
Rank #26: International Teacher Training Organization
Rank #27: TESOL International Association
Rank #28: Uniprep Institute
Rank #29: OnTESOL
Rank #30: TEFLProsRank #31: Vantage
Rank #32: Bridge TEFL – Bridge Education Group
Rank #33: Greenheart Travel
Rank #34: TEFL Campus
Rank #35: ESLinsider
Rank #36: TEFL Training College
Rank #37: GlobalU
Rank #38: LanguageCorps
Rank #39: Live TEFL Prague
Rank #40: TEFL Trainer
Rank #41: TESOL- Direct
Rank #42: International House Sydney
Rank #43: EBC TEFL Course
Rank #44: Promise Open Doors
Rank #45: Greensboro College
Rank #46: UC Berkeley TEFL course
Rank #47: TEFL Iberia
Rank #48: Christian TEFL
Rank #49: OISE – University of Toronto
Rank #50: Cultural Route

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