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Tips to apply Vaniqa cream for best results

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Vaniqa Canada cream is essentially used for the removal of facial hair on the skin. It contains an active ingredient called eflorithine which has the active mechanism on the hair follicle. The cream has the potential to block the production of the hair shaft and prevented facial hair to grow. Almost 70-75% of women are quite happy with the product as the cream helped them to reduce their unwanted facial.

Many of the women try a variety of procedures for removing the unwanted hair like threading, waxing, and also laser and electrolysis techniques. If you are also one of them or under a different medication you should consult a doctor before you buy Vaniqa cream online. Here are some tips to apply the cream for better results-

Application of Vaniqa

Vaniqa cream can be applied twice a day with at least a time gap of 8-9 hours. You can apply the cream basically on the areas where the growth of the facial hair is comparatively more. Before applying Vaniqa cream, make sure you clean your face nicely. You can apply any type of moisturizer, cosmetic, or SPF creams after you apply this hair removal cream. Apply a thin layer of Vaniqa cream on the affected area or under the chin and rub it thoroughly.

Ways to use Vaniqa for effective results

If you want the Vaniqa Canada cream to give fruitful results, then do not wash off the cream with water within 4 hours of its application. Allow the Vaniqa cream to work on the skin. Using your cream simultaneously with other hair removal home and parlor techniques will give better results. If you continue to use this cream you will see that there will be less need for painful techniques like threading or plucking facial hair.

You can use Vaniqa for 2 months to see effective results. But you have to use it at the appropriate time without skipping the application. Regular basis use of the cream will give you a favourable result. Some women can see the effects long after 4 months without giving a break.

Avoid using Vaniqa if irritation occurs

Try to wait for 5 minutes after shaving, waxing, and threading before the application of the cream. This will prevent having any types of burning or itching sensation in the affected areas. Reduce applications of the Vaniqa cream to once in a day if stinging or inflammation occurs. Some women can develop skin irritation to Vaniqa even after months of the application. If this occurs, you can reduce the usage to once daily and then gradually increasing to twice a day. If intolerance continues then you should contact a dermatologist immediately.

Vaniqa is a very effective cream and is accepted by many women all over the world although it is not a permanent hair removal cream. All medicines have some side effects but it is not necessary that you will experience those. You can buy Generic Vaniqa Cream 15 gm. to see the possible effects within 2 months duration. It is recommended not to apply this cream during pregnancy and breastfeeding phases. The best part of this cream is that it does not affect the hormonal levels of the body. All females above 18 years of age can apply this cream.

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