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Tips in the use of ladle steel flow initiator

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Tips in the use of ladle steel flow initiator:
1. Due to the ladle steel flow initiator in the ladle nozzle for a long time high temperature state, requiring a high degree of refractory sintering.

2. Due to ladle steel flow initiator filled into the outlet directly after contact with molten steel, the initial sintering temperature should not be too high.

3. Ladle steel flow initiator in the use of the process to withstand the large static pressure of molten steel, in order to prevent the collapse of the material, requiring raw materials with very good mobility, ladle steel flow initiator particles between the friction should be as low as possible.

4. Under the action of high temperature, control the appropriate drainage of raw materials, the volume effect of raw materials to prevent the use of the process in the production of ladle steel flow initiator can not automatically fall or can not effectively support the upper material.

Magnesite is the main raw material for magnesia carbon brick, normally there are two kinds, sintered magnesite and fused magnesite. But comparing this two kinds, fused magnesite has the advantages of lager periclase crystal, bigger bulk density, etc. It is the priority raw material for producing magnesia carbon brick. When producing normal magnesia based refractory material, the requirements on megnesite are high temperature resistance and erosion resistance, thus the purity of magnesite, C/S ratio and B2O3 content are important. With the development of metallurgy industry, the smelting condition is becoming harder, the requirement of megnesite used for producing magnesia carbon bricks used in smelting equipment(such as Converter, EAF, Ladle) is not only on the chemical composition, but also on structure like high density and large crystal.

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