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This Jamestown Content Marketing Expert Can Help You Reach Google 3 Pack Rank

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Are you looking for a guaranteed way to make your business appear whenever users search using your locality? This digital expert can turbocharge your content to make you the first choice of search engines.

A digital marketing specialist in Jamestown has launched a range of content marketing services for local businesses looking to attract new customers through better search engine results page (SERP) rankings.

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TurboCharged Digital Marketing is offering local business owners like you a way to improve your position in SERPs using compelling content or stories that can be featured by reputable sources. According to the company, its approach can help you achieve a coveted section on Google’s SERP that most marketers refer to as “3 pack”.

The company’s process starts by gathering information from you about potential offerings and initiatives that can be featured. These initiatives may include your response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which makes for compelling content as it is appreciated by the public. Upon identifying possible stories, the company’s team, which consists of writers, developers, and advertising professionals, will begin developing the content. According to the company, members of its content team have helped numerous businesses in various industries obtain customers.

The service addresses one of Google’s major requirements for better rankings: prominence. How well known an establishment is a prominence factor, Google has stated, adding that the business’s reputation in the outside world will also impact its position online. The company said that the content it develops is not limited to written materials as it also creates videos as part of its overall multimedia package. “Clients will have videos about their services featured prominently on YouTube,” a company spokesperson said. “This puts their brand in front of people who are searching for what they offer in their local area.”

TurboCharged Digital Marketing explained that YouTube is the ideal platform for videos as it reaches more people between 18 and 49 years old compared to traditional cable and TV. According to a Google-commissioned study, this age bracket also logs on to YouTube more during prime-town hours.”

This level of exposure can make one the number the first choice in their area, which makes it easier to acquire new patrons,” the agency’s spokesperson said.

Quit experimenting with unproven marketing tricks. Contact TurboCharged Digital Marketing for a proven ranking method that will send real customers to your door!

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