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The Which Doctor: Treating Ailments with Traditional Chinese Medicines

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The Which Doctor
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Staying healthy and fit is the ultimate goal for most of the people in modern times. If you also belong to this group, you should take good care of your health properly. There are several ways of achieving this goal. One of the ideal ways is to rely upon a professional medical practitioner that offers tailored treatments to patients. Dr Chloe Stubberfield, an integrative medicine practitioner, can treat the root of your disease. To meet her, you can pay a visit to The Which Doctor, a medical clinic where.

-More about Dr Chloe Stubberfield and The Which Doctor:
The Which Doctor is a renowned medical clinic in Melbourne. Dr Chloe Stubberfield, the Chinese medicine doctor, has created a warm and relaxed environment at The Which Doctor. She makes a perfect combination of functional and traditional Chinese medicine to treat individuals. She visited the GP and the chiropractor because of the efforts of her mother, and gradually, she became passionate about health. To pursue this passion, she enrolled for Chinese Medicine at RMIT University.

She completed two degrees of App Sci (Chinese Medicine) / App Sci (Human Biology), and then she completed an internship in China. There she got a scope for learning more about acupuncture. She also conducted post-graduate training in fertility, paediatric care, and functional medicines. Dr Chloe goes for a combination of cupping, acupuncture, supplements, and herbal medicine to treat patients.

-A Short Note on Chinese Medicine and Treatments:

When it comes to traditional medicine, people count on Chinese Medicine first. This medicine is based on the concept of Yin and Yang. This theory mainly stresses the Importance of opposite forces or contrasting. Dr Chloe Stubberfield offers the following treatments.

• Cupping:
This is a very interesting aspect of Chinese Medicine. It is mainly used to treat specific musculoskeletal conditions. The cupping materials are the following – glass, silicone, plastic, and bamboo.

• Acupuncture:
This is one of the most common branches of Chinese Medicine. Acupuncture is designed to insert several needles into the anatomical points on the patients’ bodies. The basic theory behind this is that there are many lines of energy in our bodies, and these lines control the energy flow. Acupuncture can treat specific health conditions.

Apart from these, the Chinese diet and medicines can be considered to treat you. Dr Chloe Stubberfield offers treatment for the well-being of families. Fertility treatment is also available at this clinic.

-Reasons to Choose The Which Doctor:
Some top reasons to pick her are
1. She uses the combination of Functional medicine and Chinese medicine
2. She is a highly trained Chinese Medicine practitioner
3. She provides treatment solutions regarding fertility, women’s health, and family wellbeing
4. She holds an amazing track records

If you want to know more about the treatments and the clinic, you can feel free to contact them right now. Visit this clinic and consult the doctor.

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