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The Unprecedented Role of Medilift Ambulance in Saguna More in Commutation of Patients

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Friday, September 03, 2021: Amid the chaos that prevailed during the Covid emergency in India, the common mass struggled to find a trusted medium for patient repatriation to and from the hospital. Patient and their patrons were reluctant to commute in commercial vehicles due to the infectious nature of the Covid disease, and they made a desperate hunt for a reliable Road Ambulance Service in Saguna More. During the time of medical crisis, Road Ambulance in Saguna More wayfaring for Medilift Ambulance performed the outstanding task of commuting Covid patients safely from remote regions to cities with better health facilities. Common masses relied on Medilift Ambulance in Saguna More for ground evacuation of their patients in accordance with all Covid safety measures. Our customer executive received hundreds of calls pleading for ambulances and tried their best to address these calls with the best possible solution.

No feeling can be better than the feeling of saving a life. I would like to share an extraordinary incident in which our services became life saviors in real terms. We were contacted from a village nearby Rajendra Nagar who passed the information that the patient has a high fever with a visible problem in breathing. Our team of medical experts within seconds diagnosed it as a case of Covid. Our team at Medilift Ambulance in Rajendra Nagar reached the spot without any delay and provided immediate oxygen support to the patient and got him admitted to a Covid hospital after a lot of effort. Doctors present there briefed that timely oxygen support played a crucial role in saving the life.

Medilift Ambulance in Rajendra Nagar: Torch-bearer in Road Medical Transportation

We lead the industry by setting examples. Our prime concern is service to society and contributing towards the upliftment of medical conditions in the country. The Road Ambulance Service in Rajendra Nagar offers ambulances with a team of medical experts and stretcher carriers. Medical experts present during the evacuation work seamlessly to normalize vital parameters of the patient and provide first aid in case of the road accident victim. We allow attendants on the van and also provide bed-to-bed transfer of patients.

I believe that the Road Ambulance Service in Rajendra Nagar is keeping no stone unturned in catering the excellent patient repatriation services to the needy. Every day we move forwards towards our goal of reaching anywhere anytime.

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