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The Spice People Offers Natural Native Spices, Herbs, and Chai Teas

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Sheoak Trading Pty Ltd PO Box 439 Black Rock VI
Black Rock VIC
Australia 3193 
Phone:03 95872598

The Spice People have for years been driven by the single objective which is to provide individuals and families with the chance to have an enriching culinary experience by connecting them with spices. Settling on a path that is rarely taken in the modern age, the company has mastered the art of going native and organic for their broad product categories. In bringing solutions all the way from the land to their clients’ tables, The Spice People make life and eating more fun and wholesome.

Talking about the difference they seek to create, the Managing Director said, “The beauty and true nature of humanity has always been in blending with nature to attain better living. One art that has been central for all communities across the world is the distinct ways they made their meals. It is these exotic flavors that we take joy in bringing to your kitchen by providing you with rare spice mixes, herbs, botanicals, curries, specialty blends, and chai brews among other product categories.”

A little digging into history will reveal a whole line of natural Aussie spices which have been used for ages to make different dishes. The Spice People have taken the initiative to discover these spices and package them for all clients after sweet and savory cooking. Most of the spices are increasingly becoming rare and are not readily available in most stores. The Spice People has in their line of Australian spices among others lemon myrtle, mountain pepper, macadamia nut oil, wattle seed, bush tomato, native mint, and bush cherries.

Responding to inquiries about their highly rated chai brews, the Marketing Director said, “A passion for the finer things in life led us to the creation of world chai brews which are suited for the whole family. The different kind of chai mixes such as herbal, hibiscus, golden spice, and turmeric that we have in stock give you the opportunity to set out on a discovery journey. It is not just for the tastes, but a regular cup of chai is one of the healthiest decisions you can ever make. For every occasion, there is a chai to let you have a wonderful time and find the right energy levels all year long.”

May at times all that is needed to make a meal extra special is in using hard to find condiments for a taste that cannot be attained in any other way. The Spice People are helping their clients to discover the magic of ingredients which are not typical for most cooking to give meals a unique touch. One such ingredient in their inventory is the pomegranite molasses whose origins can be traced to the Middle East where it is used for sweet balsamic reduction when making salads, stews, tea, and cooking.

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