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The Seawell Firm Handles Termite Damage Claims

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Henry Seawell
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Mobile, Alabama: The Seawell Firm is pleased to announce they handle termite damage claims on behalf of small business owners and individual property owners in the southwestern Alabama area, including Mobile. The law firm specializes in protecting business and homeowners from termite damage through litigation.

Businesses and individuals are encouraged to inspect the property for damage caused by termites. If the damage is discovered, the Seawell Firm can file on the owner’s behalf to help them recover the cost of damages that may have occurred. Termite damage can be extensive and costly for businesses, as well as homeowners. The law firm is prepared to protect property owners from further damage, as well as help them recover losses caused by damaging organisms like termites.

The Seawell Firm, founded in 2011 in Mobile, Alabama, is dedicated to serving both individuals and small businesses throughout southwestern Alabama. The firm focuses on providing legal services that protect property owners from termites and other types of wood destroying organisms. Along with litigation for damages caused by termites, the law firm provides a wide variety of other types of litigation, including commercial litigation. The Seawell Firm attorneys represent businesses, as well as provide other legal services, such as estate planning, commercial fraud, toxic torts, and mediation.

Small business owners and homeowners in the Mobile region and throughout southwest Alabama can learn more about obtaining legal representation for termite damage on The Seawell Firm website or by calling 251-434-5012.

About The Seawell Firm: The Seawell Firm was founded in Mobile, Alabama, in 2011. Principal member, Henry R. Seawall IV, is a Mobile native. The Seawell Firm is a general practice law firm providing a variety of litigation for individuals and businesses in the area.

Company: The Seawell Firm
Address: 260 N. Joachim St.
City: Mobile
State: Alabama
Zip Code: 36603
Phone: 251-434-5012
Fax number: 251-434-5013

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