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The Quras project has been evolving and expanding its reach to provide a smart and secure solution f

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Recent data leaks and the introduction of the general data protection regulation (GDPR) in EU countries have refreshed interest in privacy and information security around the world. With an increasing number of interconnected devices supporting and controlling users daily lives colon the need for privacy-friendly technologies is greater than ever. has developed a suite of blockchain-based technologies to keep users’ sensitive data secure and private in cloud and IoT environments. The opening of and registration for for Quras’s initial coin offering (ICO) will be announced at

The development of Quras’ secure and privacy-friendly technologies has been motivated by one of the most pressing issues of our time: The increasing disease burden caused by obesity and a lack of physical exercise. In users’ increasingly busy lives integrating physical activity is a difficult challenge. This had led the Quras team to develop their first product: A mobile app and underlying blockchain Dapp that lets users earn coins in the most simple way you could imagine – by taking a walk. This includes exciting virtual and augmented reality features and the opportunity to interact and network with like-minded people, as well as airdrops of sports and entertainment-related coins such as Ronaldinho soccer coins.

However, this is just the starting point for Quras’s full range of state-of-the-art technologies, including an anonymous cryptocurrency. With its sophisticated encrypted blockchain-based system for the storage, processing and file-sharing of location-based and other sensitive personal data, Quras is a trailblazer for privacy-preserving and anonymous blockchain technologies. These technologies are in increasingly high demand in the fields of finance, communication and the administration of personal data in government agencies as well. Building on the latest developments in anonymous computing, Quras has built the world’s first anonymous cryptocurrency with smart contracts, and is building a platform for over-the-counter (OTC) cryptocurrency transactions.

In order to fund future development the Quras team will be opening registration for its initial coin offering (ICO) on its website

Prospective users and investors are invited personally by Quras strategist Shigeki Kakutani to experience the Quras vision in two brand new videos or read the white paper for further details on technology, project model and ICO.
For further information, see Quras strategist Shigeki Kakutani on July 4th and 5th at the TokenSky conference in Tokyo (,
visit the Quras website
or follow Quras on Twitter: .
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