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The Flyers Club suspends ICO/Trading indefinitely

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Flyers Club International
Port of Spain
Trinidad & Tobago

– The Flyers Club raised $0 investment to this date
– 27.5 Million Flyers Club Coin remains in the founder/CEO’s ERC20 wallet
– The Flyers Club Social Networking site is live for registration

Sean Dalipsingh, CEO and Founder of the Flyers Club said that the Crypto Community is all about decentralization and the core aspect of the Flyers Club is a centralized BlockChain identity called the ‘MyFlyerID’. The travel community we are creating here will be complemented with a free unhackable BlockChain Identity in 2021.

Sean adds, ” I am not halting the ICO because of the current market conditions or the recent virus outbreak that has completely destroyed the Travel Industry. I have financed the project from the start by myself and I simply decided to continue this venture on my own.

“A bad CEO would quit or fire workers and make cutbacks but a great CEO would see an opportunity to focus on the wellbeing of their employees, customers and clients or as in my case my fellow Flyers.

“Right now I am at a level playing field with Airbnb, Trip Advisor, Expedia and you name it. I am somewhat a conspiracy nut and I specifically saw a need to write a Doomsday Survival article first to arm my community with the knowledge they will not regularly look for.

Doomsday Survival: How to keep your family alive

“The design of the MyFlyerID will also have features for storing medical records, flight information and your passport. Look at the rate the Coronavirus is spreading with Cash or documents. A digital world is needed now more than ever.”

The Flyers Club International seeks to empower individuals with information and a travel-friendly community devoted to making worldwide adventures more enjoyable and making the modern traveler fearless no matter his destination.

The Flyers Clubhouse our Airbnb competitor will be release Q3 2020

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