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Edmonton – Canada

Out of the various innovations that have captured the market during the outbreak of COVID-19, dine in app is the hottest. Y the Wait has taken the game up and launched digital waiter app with exemplary features and unbelievably low chargeable commission to help out the hospitality industry.

Y the Wait is a unique contactless dining experience to the users. It lets the customers place orders using their smartphones. They can pre-order their food while driving and set time when they want it to be served. The customers can translate the menu into any language and has options for digital payment, bill splitting and requesting waiter assistance with a single click.

Not only it improves the quality of fine dining at restaurants and allows all the customers to enjoy a VIP experience and skip lines, but also very convenient for restaurants.

Any restaurant can partner with Y the Wait and complete the signup procedure. As soon as it is done, the restaurant can instantly start operating on the app and transform into a smart restaurant.

It can be used for takeaway, as well as home delivery orders apart from contactless dining. While other third-party apps are charging up to 30% for the same services or less, Y the Wait is available worldwide for a mere 4% commission per order.

As the public starts shifting to digital means for a safer and quicker experience at restaurants, brands like this are the real game-changers that have upgraded the way people are being served.

Users can use Y the Wait app to donate to their preferred charities while enjoying the app. Y the Wait also prompts restaurant owners to start delivery services free of cost by employing own delivery staff. Through the ‘Join Us to Prevent Corona Spread’ campaign, Y the Wait will donate all funds collected to government organizations and charities providing relief to people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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