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The Appeal Guru Announcing Free Consultation and Advice for Amazon Merchants

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The Appeal Guru is offering a “Free Consultation & Advice” services to its Amazon merchant clients within the United Kingdom on December 25, 2019. This is especially useful for Amazon merchants who have suspended Amazon accounts. If you are one of the unfortunate merchants who got their account suspended, you can contact the Appeal Guru for a consultation and advice session for FREE!

The Appeal Guru experts make sure to look all through the possible places that caused the suspension. After that, they’ll give you the best tips and steps to take for your account to get reinstated. Aside from account suspension, the Appeal Guru experts will also give free consultation and advice on Account Health, Sales Boost, Suspension Prevention. Let’s have a look at what each service entails:

Suspension Appeal: If Amazon suspends your account, your case falls here. Usually, you’ll need to do a plan of action or POA for Amazon to lift your suspension. The experts in Appeal Guru will do everything for you. You can be guaranteed of a fast service because they are simply the best on what they do. Moreover, they have a 100% money-back guarantee feature!

Account Health: Account health is important to maintain, as this will be the basis of whether Amazon will suspend your account or not. If your seller account drops down to a considerable point, Amazon might suspend your account. With this, it is essential to have experts from the Appeal Guru to guide you through the rigorous process of making sure that you have a healthy account.

Sales Boost: For Amazon merchants like you, maintaining a healthy account should also mean maintaining a good sales run. Want to boost your sales more? Check out with the guys from Appeal guru and get some insights on the intricate issues and get some helpful tips.

Suspension Prevention: Don’t wait for your account to get suspended know the ultimate prevention guides from the experts in Appeal guru. Let them take care of red flags in your account to prevent future suspensions.

What’s their process like for free consultation and advice?

First, you look them up on their current website, which is Look up their contact information and then call them or leave them a message. You give them all the pertinent information that you have about your suspended account. They’ll look into it free of charge. Then, you can submit the plan of action that they’ve uniquely designed for you. Amazon will most likely reinstate your account by then, but if not, follow up with the Appeal Guru experts, and they’ll give you the follow-up plan. Finally, you can start selling again.

Why should you give your trust to the experts from Appeal Guru?

As an Amazon merchant, it’s inevitable to get into trouble sometimes. With that, it’s nice to know that you got experts in your beck and call to do the back end logistics for you. The Appeal guru has over 7 years of experience in the business. As of now, they were able to reinstate over 600 Amazon merchants. Aside from that, they are 90% rated successful in all their endeavors. Lastly, they’ve singlehandedly prevented over 1500 account suspensions.

Get in touch with them immediately through their active landline: 020 3824 1889. You can also leave them a message in their mailing address, which is They have a physical office at The Appeal Guru Limited, Prospect House, 2 Athenaeum Road, N20 9AE.

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