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THE AMATERASU JOURNEY – Four Fabulous Years of Ideation & Innovation

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Mumbai, Maharashtra

With an enviable portfolio and her desire to make a mark in product innovation and regulatory sciences, the foundation for Amaterasu was laid with a strong foundation of high values and a belief system that the unmet needs of customers should be addressed with the best personal and healthcare products in the market.

Having had a very successful career in leading pharma industries such as Novartis, GSK and having co-founded and built a successful research services company – Rubicon Research; Mahrukh’s conviction to pursue a career on her own terms, about something she was truly passionate about, led her into her second entrepreneurship.

Building up her own venture which would give her the opportunity to put all her research and scientific knowledge to use, while truly enjoying her work while at it, was a huge motivator in the founding of Amaterasu Life Sciences. We are where we are today, thanks to a team that is as passionate as Mahrukh about the work we are doing.

The Journey:
“In Dec 2016 after exiting my earlier entrepreneurial venture I was at cross-roads of how to pursue my professional career over the next 10 years or so. Having worked full time & having been self employed and an entrepreneur I just could not imagine a life without my work at all. At that point I felt the need to start another venture but this time with the liberty of doing work which I was passionate about and would have truly enjoyed” – Maharukh TR

In 2018, we initiated a successful collaboration with Professor Padma Devarajan’s Research group at Institute of Chemical Technology(ICT), Mumbai and our US partner for this research, we also initiated collaboration with our Indian partner for development of complex generic topical products. The year ended with the successful manufacture of our first commercial batches of SkinEasi Activ anti-chafing product and filing of the patent for one of our injection innovations

We also followed it up by venturing into test marketing of Soreze Gel, India’s first one of its kind product for prevention of pressure ulcers and bed sores.

A journey that started four years ago and a journey that we will be on with the same passion and conviction in years to come, we at Amaterasu believe that we will continue to focus and evolve to make innovative products that will be a unanimous and easily made choice for the needs of our customers.

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