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The Aerial Filming Services Helps To Document Work In Progress Of Mega Construction Projects

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Most of the major construction companies lookout for the best aerial filming services to record their construction process for archiving the data that is useful for future reference or for detailing the clients about the project. Timelapse is one company located in the Middle East that has excelled in offering aerial filming and photo shoot documentation services to capture meticulous details of the projects from time to time that may not be possible from the ground view. The company has offered their services for various projects that include capturing the work in progress of huge dams, power stations, mines, roads, constructions, shore oil rigs and may more mega structures with fine details being documented from the best angle in a sequential manner. The company has the best team who are technical experts in handling the job to meet the expectations of the clients.

Before offering the filming or photo shoot services the experts spend enough time with the clients to understand their projects and expectations of the job to be done to go ahead in a systematic manner to capture the work in progress of the huge projects. The Middle East Company offer services like Timelapse filming, drone filming, aerial filming and also 360 degree photography for the clients to make a choice. The aerial filming services is done by the company by hiring a helicopter, obtaining the required permits and use a gyro mount to film the high resolution photos and full high definition videos to capture the work in progress at high angles that offer a clear picture to monitor the work progress by the construction companies. To capture work at certain angles where it is highly impossible either from the ground or aerial filming the company uses drone filming services choosing from their fleet of 12 different drones to find one suitable for the clients job. The company offers drone filming day and night with interior filming for indoor architecture and industrial filming. The company has heavy lift drones with 3 axis gimbal for best quality HD photos and videos to capture work of progress from high altitudes with high precision and stability for superior film quality.

The filming of the construction projects can be used for presentations as well as for annual reports embedded with photos and videos of the construction progress of the mega projects. The Timelapse company ensures 100% quality and competitive quotes for the aerial filming services.

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