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Techracers is Attending BFC APAC Conference, Are You?

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About BFC APAC Conference 2018
The event is organized by The Fintech Network, an independent provider of business intelligence for the financial services community. BFC APAC- Asia Pacific’s Premier Blockchain Conference for Finance & Tech Professionals covers topics ranging from payments, clearing & settlements, KYC & AML, DLT for trade finance, interoperability and scalability, insurance use cases, decrypting ICOs etc.

BFC APAC 2018 will offer attendees the chance to hear about the latest blockchain innovations from across the Asia Pacific:

Provide a vision for DLT in Singapore with an update on the campaigns that are at the forefront of blockchain innovation
Review how DLT is helping with two projects around KYC/AML and the post trade processing of listed securities
The latest blockchain developments within post-tradewill be outlined by Digital Asset
Opportunities for blockchain within payments will be debated by J.P. Morgan, Ripple, Stellar and Yes Bank
HSBC and CryptoBLK will join a panel to examine how blockchain can create value in trade finance
Up-to-the-minute use cases within the insurance sector will be discussed by Manulife Asia, AIA and Metlife (Lumenlab)
Speaker at BFC APAC Conference

Our Director of research, Mr. Ankur Maheshwari (LinkedIn) will be speaking at the conference on the topic “Industries Leveraging Blockchain Successfully – Key Applications”. This session would include details about blockchain growth and its applications in other industries such as Healthcare, Social Media and Telecom.

Hear how blockchain is impacting healthcare and life sciences for managing patient data, clinical trials data and electronic medical records while maintaining regulatory compliance
Assess ways that decentralized social networks can avoid situations like the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandals through better privacy control over content & security
See how distributed ledgers can create a marketplace for wireless data, allowing carriers to provide better service to the user, reduce call drops and improve overall efficiencies within telecoms
Last but not the least, if you’re planning to attend the conference too, then feel free to connect and engage with our team. With focus on blockchain technology, our experts might have the perfect technology options to help you with your business challenges.

About Techracers

Techracers is an end-to-end customized blockchain solution and service provider helping industries to create sustainable futures by scaling blockchain technology towards broader adoption of blockchain systems. Our team consists of blockchain technology experts building robust, scalable and engaging blockchain products along with providing Blockchain services.

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