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As a professional third-party testing organization trusted by customers worldwide, T,C&A Lab, a branch of Alfa Chemistry, recently announces to start to provide rock testing services in compliance with ISO, ASTM standards and industry requirements to ensure the selected materials meet the project requirements. In many projects such as hydrocarbon and energy project planning, accurate characterization and more detailed formation properties of rocks are needed for decision-making.

“Rock testing is a general term for the determination of all kinds of basic characteristics of rock. The specific test content should be determined according to the type and scale of the project, as well as the engineering geological problems to be solved. Rock testing measures are usually performed at high load on intact samples, sometimes at high temperature,” says one of the senior scientists from Alfa Chemistry. “With a long history of technical success, Alfa Chemistry is committed to creating the safest, most innovative solutions for clients. Currently, our lab is capable of testing various rocks, including basalt, perlite, limestone, peridotite, granite, sandstone, shale, marble and more.”

Guided by a wide range of standards like ASTM D6032, ASTM D2113, ASTM D5731, ASTM D3967, ASTM D4611, ASTM D2216, ASTM D8359, ASTM D5312, ASTM D5240, ISO 22282, ISO 14689, ISO 17628, ISO/FDIS 22475, T,C&A Lab would generally conduct rock identification, physical and mechanical testing and chemical analysis for each rock testing project.

Rock identification
Through identification, the physical and mechanical properties of the rock can be obtained, and the applicability of the rock can be judged more comprehensively. During this step, the color, structure, composition and differentiation of rocks can be identified.

Physical and mechanical testing
The physical and mechanical characteristics of rock should also be tested, which include: water content, density, gross bulk density, water absorption rate, frost resistance, solmdness, uniaxial compressive strength test, flexural strength, direct shear test, young modulus of rock, point load, compressive and tensile strength, swelling and slake durability, poisson ratio, etc.

Chemical analysis
During the process of chemical analysis, the content of SiO2, A12O3, Fe2O3, FeO, CaO, MgO, soluble salts, organic matter, ignition loss, and specific surface area are tested and determined in order to identify the chemical stability of minerals.

Visit https://tcalab.alfa-chemistry.com/industries/rock-testing.html to learn more about T,C&A Lab’s rock testing as well as other material testing services or contact us to discuss tailor-made services that you may need.

About T,C&A Lab
As an independent lab, T,C&A Lab now provides quality and custom testing, characterization and analysis for a variety of materials. The lab serves many industries. It is skillful in not only analytical testing services, but also in testing data interpretation and simulation with the use of advanced data analysis techniques.

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