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Take Your Content Global With E-Learning Translation Services

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These days, training programs are conducted in multiple languages, considering the cultural nuances. International and regional laws are also considered. This means that training employees consume more time and money. To save costs and streamline the communication, it is vital to opt for translation services provided by a reliable translation service provider.

E-Learning Statistics

• The global E-learning market will reach $325 billion by 2025.
• For every dollar spent on E-learning, companies make back $30 in productivity.
• The E-learning industry grew 900% since the turn of the century.
• 72% of organizations believe that E-learning puts them at a competitive advantage.
• IBM has saved approximately $200 million since switching to E-learning.
• Microlearning is 17% more effective than traditional learning.
• Comprehensive training programs lead to a 218% higher revenue per employee.

E-Learning Translation For Companies

If you are an international business organization, providing effective learning solutions can be a challenge. You need to create content for each audience. This is where E-learning translation service comes in.

It is cost-effective as compared to traditional training methods. It gives the same opportunity to all the employees at lower costs. It also helps you build a strong global presence.

With professional E-learning translation services, you can deal with more clients and customers around the globe. It also gives a competitive edge. Translating your content into multiple languages adds confidence to your business.
Therefore, it is vital to invest in professional translation services.

Benefits Of E-Learning Translation

1. Boost Customer Satisfaction

Despite English being the most commonly used language for business communication, the majority of the world’s population does not know English. This calls for the need to rethink on your language strategy.
When learners find your course in multiple languages, they feel valued. This can foster business relationships and boost customer satisfaction.

2. Enhance Your Reach

Translating your E-learning courses into new languages can help you connect with new audiences around the world. It builds your online reputation as a professional learning provider. In this global world, where personalization is seen everywhere, this is an important step.

3. Inspire Confidence

When learners find the course information to be accurately translated into their native language, they feel valued and this instills confidence in them. This also makes them likely to choose your E-learning platform for their learning needs.

Professional Translation Agency

Shakti Enterprise is an ISO 9001: 2008 language interpretation and translation service company having industry experience of 30+ years. They are committed to breaking all communications barriers which can create obstacles in your business.

They provide translation in 100+ languages.

Their main USPs include quick turnaround time, proficient translation and translation accuracy guarantee.

They are based in Mumbai, India and have a widespread branch network across the country – Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi.

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