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Communications is considered as the glue that connects different entities together.Mass communication in modern times has evolved into a wide arrayed field which has crossed the conventional boundaries such as radio broadcasting, public relation management and several others. A mass group of students are attracted towards mass communication as it offers massive growth opportunities to the mushrooming talent. Courses like Masters in Communication Management, MBA in Communication management, etc. have gained serious traction. Communication has always been the irreplaceable component of the business world. With the modernization business has adopted, the parameters of communication have also evolved. In this article, we will discuss about what is communication management planning.

A good communication is built on an inert understanding of the prospects involved in the process. A communication management plan is an important aspect to be considered to ensure quick and effective communication with external and internal aspects. The first step of the communication planning is to understand the crucial stakeholders and their alliance with the project. There are certain guidelines which one needs to take to ensure the effectiveness of the communication management plan.

a. Proper Collaboration: Communication Management Plan should be developed in collaboration with other participants of the project.
b. Easy Accessibility: All the project members and stake holders should have an easy access to the communication management plan
c. Consistency: The work flow decided in the communication management plan should be consistent with the execution module.
d. Timely Updates: All the major changes which occur need to be duly updated in the communication plan

A program like MA in Mass Communication College can facilitate the students with investigative techniques such as surveying, interviewing and directing focus groups. The scope of such masters level courses is to train the students in developing crystal clear communications plans. There are so many platforms for staging an effective communication that will influence the target audience as required. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, journalism, A-V Production, etc. have made the communication convenient & faster than ever. An effective communication management plan is comprised of all these aspects which can impact the output of the plan.

As the textbook definition goes, mass communication is defined as an exchange of information on a large scale where a wide range of audience is subjected to the transmission. With the medium and channels through communication is done started expanding, the need for more competent individuals also increased by tenfold. Hence the education in Media & Communication has witnessed a radical transformation in last decade, so that our current education system can cater to this demand. The standard of institutes play a crucial role in deciding the quality of the communication skills which are inculcated within students when they appear for masters.

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