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Surrealist Show from 21st Century at Namora Museum

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The Fernando Namora House Museum will be the local of a surrealist show from the 21st century.
Svetlana Ratova from Moscow, Nikolina Petolas from Zagreb, Paula Rosa from Lisbon and Santiago Ribeiro from Coimbra are the protagonists of another edition of International Surrealism Now of small format.
The modern surrealism of these four artists, where dream, creative and ideological freedom are the primordial force of their 21st- century surrealist artworks will interact with the almost legendary atmosphere of the Fernando Namora House Museum.. residence in Lisbon.

The exhibition will be open to the public at 19 May 2017 at 17:30.

Note for the worldwide people:
Visit Portugal as a tourist with Surrealism Now, it’s one of the safest places in the world, without terrorism, without violence with weapons every day, no hurricanes and cyclones, good food and wine (vinho tinto), wonderful places and weather, to the sea and mountains, the monuments and city ruins since stone age to Roman empire…Middle age, renaissance, maritime discoveries, from the classic to the modern…

About the museum
The Fernando Namora House-Museum was officially opened to the public on June 30, 1990.
The museum’s ambiance, enhanced by objects belonging to a great writer like Fernando Namora, leads us to a past of a life that was intellectually focused upon by writing and painting.

Fernando Goncalves Namora (1919-1989) was born in Condeixa on the 15th of April. It was here that he lived until he was ten years old, where he discovered the taste for drawing and painting and writing.

The points of greatest interest in this museum are made up of the documentary collection of Fernando Namora transferred from his residence office in Lisbon. This bibliographical and documentary background and revealing the relations of complicity with many other authors, and much contributes to explain, in its various aspects, the Man who is Namora.

Portuguese version:
A Casa-Museu Fernando Namora foi oficialmente aberta ao publico no dia 30 de Junho de 1990.

Os pontos de maior interesse deste espaco museologico sao constituidos pelo acervo documental de Fernando Namora transferido do escritorio da sua residencia em de Lisboa. Este fundo bibliografico e documental e revelador das relacoes de cumplicidade com muitos outros autores, e muito contribui para explicar, nas suas diversas vertentes, o Homem que e Namora.

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