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Stuart Heating & Cooling Offers Gas Furnace Installation & Fireplace Services in Brockville

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Prescott Ontario based heating contractor Stuart Heating & Cooling announced its services to the city of Brockville. Services available in the city of Brockville and the surrounding areas include installations and maintenance of gas furnaces and fireplaces as well as 24-hour emergency services.

More information about Stuart Heating & Cooling is available at

The companys fully equipped servicing and customization workshop are expected to supply, install, and service luxury gas fireplaces from Kingsman and Mendota. The firms team of expert technicians has significant experience with the installation of zero clearance vented, vent-free, and direct vent gas furnaces. The companys portfolio includes several custom installations of furnace kits with stone veneer finishes.

The Stuart Heating & Cooling unique selling proposition is the firms ability to fabricate custom scalable heating systems backed by the versatility to make structural and design changes according to a homeowners or business owners needs. The firm also provides design, installation, and maintenance covering smart modulating furnaces and high-efficiency furnaces controlled by WiFi-enabled thermostats.

A key differentiator is the firms experience with multiple brands of furnaces and fireplaces including Continental, Majestic, Kingsman, and Mendota. The company also specializes in heating setups that incorporate multiple furnaces and thermostats to create multiple heating zones in a residential heating system.

According to a spokesperson for the Prescott & Brockville HVAC company, The phased expansion of our services to the city of Brockville now allows us to provide the homeowners, designers, and builders with custom-designed gas furnaces, heating systems, and aesthetically superlative fireplace builds. We continue the systematic transition of our services to towns in and around Prescott.

Founded in 1997 as a core HVAC company, Stuart Heating & Cooling established itself as the preferred provider of heating and cooling systems to homeowners, architectural design firms, construction companies, and residential & commercial builders. More information about the firms projects and service offerings in Brockville is available over the phone at 613-925-3147 and at the URL above.

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