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Stephen Development – The Best Property Management Company in Clarence, NY

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Stephen Development
9735 Main Street
NY 14031 
United States
Phone:+1 716-759-9700

Stephen Development is a professional property management company located in the region of Clarence, NY. They are specialized in acquiring properties and developing real estate at an affordable price. Their group of employees work hard on each and every project to completely modify the properties from run-down into a brand new location. They always give their best service for all kinds of residential and commercial tenants. The company goal is to develop the Clarence town and creates new jobs for their community people.

At Stephen Development
Stephen Development provides various kinds of real estate services that offer quality housing facilities in Clarence.
Residential Development and Housing – They have several luxury apartments in Clarence that are available at reasonable prices. If you are looking to rent a property in Clarence, Stephen Development offers various options like homes, townhomes and apartments.

Commercial Property Spaces – The professionals from Stephen Development take over badly maintained properties and convert them into a good-looking commercial place. They also have retail places at prime areas like Main St., in Clarence which is readily available to rent at a good price. For business owners and entrepreneurs, it is a golden opportunity to get a property at prime locations and start their businesses.

Investing – If you are looking to sell commercial properties in Clarence, you can get in touch with Stephen Development. They will help you to sell the property at a great price whether it is a run-down property or well-maintained property.

Fundraising – Stephen Development does not only work on property development; they involve themselves with fundraising too. The company till now has raised funds over 850,000 dollars for Meals on Wheels in Clarence, Akron and Newstead through the Rock the Barn Musical festival. They are planning it to raise over one million dollars. This money helps the company to deliver meals to millions of elder and disabled peoples present in their community.

About Stephen Development
Stephen Development is a Clarence based property Management Company that offers quality housing at affordable cost. They have friendly staffs to assist for any queries and skilled professionals to offer exceptional services for residential and commercial tenants. They also care about their community and work hard to make Clarence as a good place for residents and corporate. To know more details about the company and their services, visit their website at

9735 Main Street,
Clarence, NY 14031
Phone: +1 716-759-9700

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