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Staying High and Dry: Motorhome/RV Roof Sealed, Weather Stays Out

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Bridgeport, Connecticut-March 17th, 2020 – RV costs a significant amount of money so that’s why every RV owner dreams to have an RV which lasts longer. The matter of fact is that RV can last for decades if properly cared for. However, if you do not care for or maintain your RV correctly, you could experience some significant issues. The most common and serious type of damage is done to the roof which can cause serious leaks inside the RV.

What causes RV leaks to happen in the first place? Most RV roofs are made up of rubber. Rubber roofs are very durable however they are not without their flaws.Sunlight and ozone oxidants will eventually dry that rubber out and make it brittle. Expansion and contraction due to heat and cold, and the stress placed on the roof by driving on the road will then create cracks. Over time, these tiny cracks will expand, and water can enter the structure of the roof.

There are many options to fix RV roof leaks however; repairing RV leaks with Liquid Roof is not only feasible but surprisingly simple, as well. RV Liquid Roof can be applied to your RV’s roof with nothing more than a paint brush and roller. A single coat is sufficient. Once applied it water-proofs immediately and once it has cured it is highly weather resistance.

Liquid Roof is a high-quality roofing solution that can be applied quickly and easily on your own, provides immediate waterproofing, and UV light resistance.

EPDM coatings pride itself for delivering industry proven products for residential, commercial and RV use. With over a 25-year history of success EPDM coatings have helped thousands get a new roof for a fraction of the cost of new roof replacement. Our products have unique chemical combination and application characteristics which have made them top choice for customers.

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