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Spring Bioscience Corporation Offers Synaptophysin Antibody

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Kristina Huhn

Pleasanton, California, November 25, 2017: Spring Bioscience is pleased to announce the company develops and manufactures Synaptophysin Antibody for customers. The company offers a large menu of antibodies under the direction of highly-skilled and experienced scientists who are at the forefront of their industry.

Synaptophysin Antibody recognizes a protein called 38kDa, which is Synaptophysin. Per the website, the antibody labels normal neuroendocrine cells of the skin, lungs, carotid body, thyroid, pancreas, gastrointestinal mucosa, Paneth’s cells in the gastric parietal cells and gastrointestinal tract and pituitary gland and human adrenal medullas. Further, neurons in the retina, brain and spinal cord are labeled. Customers can conveniently purchase their needed quantity and volume at reasonable prices.

Spring Bioscience was founded by scientists who understand the field and provide the products laboratories need to thrive. The company specializes in manufacturing rabbit monoclonal, rabbit polyclonal and mouse monoclonal primary antibodies.

The company is also known for producing an extensive line of reagents and detection systems, which are commonly used in immunohistochemistry. Further, these products are specifically produced to meet the evolving needs of laboratories.

As an industry leader, Spring utilizes innovative technology and premier research to develop the best products to drive the field forward in exciting and enriching ways. Spring continuously expands its offerings and holds on to the same high quality it has provided for years. The company’s mission embodies offering exceptional customer service.

For more information about the company and their services, visit the website at Spring Bioscience or call 1-800-787-6896.

About Spring Bioscience: Spring Bioscience is a company under the direction of gifted and seasoned scientists who push the envelope with cutting-edge technology and research to develop and manufacture specialty antibodies. These antibodies are available for purchase for various applications in the laboratory setting around the world. As a leader, Spring’s antibodies are proprietary and known as highly-sensitive SP clones. The company excels in offering high-quality products, along with superior customer service.

Company: Spring Bioscience
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