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Sparklight joins hands with Certification Planner to Build Employee Skill base during the crisis

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Certification Planner, LLC, a global training facilitator, is assisting Sparklight, an American base internet, and cable service provider, in building its employee skill base during the COVID-19 Lockdown. The two organizations began communications in early March to train a batch of Sparklight employees working on various projects.

Mr. Edward Rankin, the Business Fulfilment Manager at Sparklight, mentioned that 7 associate level employees would be included in the first batch. These team members are already a part of various projects but had shown interest in acquiring structured learning in the domain. Mr. Rankin also informed us that the team would be taking CAPM Plus course with Certification Planner. According to the original plan, the Sparklight employees were to receive in-person training on 4th of May 2020. However, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Sparklight team will now be attending a Live-Online training, a model where the training is conducted online in the presence of CP’s PMP instructor. The team will take the CAPM exam in the latter part of the year.

Mr. Allen, a training manager at CP, mentioned, “It is a difficult time for the global skill development spectrum. Companies have been hesitant to invest in their employees. Sparkligh’s commitment to continue building its employee skill base is commendable.” The mentioned course is a PMI governed associate-level certification in the project management spectrum and is designed for professionals initiating their career in the project management spectrum. While Sparklight is confident that the training will help their team members gradually improve in their day to day tasks, Certification Planner is convinced that they will deliver the Workshop effectively through online medium.

Mr. Daniel, the global training manager at CP, informed us that Certification Planner has already been conducting several Live Online training in the Project Management Domain, and they have both the experience and the medium to deliver the Workshop effectively. Further, he informed that Mr. Jason Saetrum would be leading the training. Mr. Jason is an experienced industry veteran who had been providing PMO administration, tools, and training for over 10 years and has a combined professional experience of 20 years.

Elaborating on the engagement, Mr. Jason mentioned, “We are going beyond just being instructors in a Workshop. While we will prepare the Sparklight team to clear the CAPM exam in the 1st attempt, we will be providing project management support to the team as well. We have committed to being a guide and support even after completion of the training and will assist the team in applying the acquired knowledge in actual project management tasks.

Spotlight and Certification Planner has provided the perfect example of how organizations should approach the current situation: not by withholding opportunities, but by extending their vision beyond the current crisis. Both the teams at Sparklight and Certification Planner are excited about the association and are expecting the association to develop beyond the existing commitments.

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