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Southern Psychiatry Moves to Larger Office

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Dr.Brad Sadler
3737 Government Boulevard, Suite 404
AL 36693 
United States

Mobile, Alabama: Southern Psychiatry is pleased to announce the move to a larger office, allowing them to see more patients and provide the help many patients need.

The office has many options to thoroughly treat their patients. Miranda Goodwin is one of Southern Psychiatry’s premier therapists and can treat children, anger management issues and substance abuse. Dr. Sadler is well versed in treating anxiety, depression, ADHD and other ailments as well.

The new office has the same address; it’s just in a different area and will let the specialists at Southern Psychiatry treat more individuals with compassion and professionalism.

If a patient can only come in during the evenings or on the weekends, the office’s own Nathan Baughn is another premier therapist who treats borderline disorder, bipolar disorder, anger management and more. There is always a specialist who can treat the ailments of each individual patient.

The mission of Southern Psychiatry is to not only help the patients who need them, but to provide compassionate healthcare to the residents of Mobile. The office specializes in fitness and nutrition, psychological services and other premium services.

For more information on the larger office and getting the help needed, visit the website of Southern Psychiatry or call 251-300-7134.

About Southern Psychiatry: Southern Psychiatry is a group of specialists and therapists who work together to treat mental illness. They specialize in helping patients with depression, ADHD, mood disorders, psychotic disorders and more.

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