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Simpliv offer huge discount on its courses for Christmas and New Year.

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This offer is valid on all courses that Simpliv is offering on its website, in both the IT and non-IT areas, and is valid up to January 31, 2020. Learners can benefit in a very immense manner with this offer, as they are free to pursue any course in just any areas of interest to them, at just a tenth of their price.

This offer is over and above the huge discount of 80% that Simpliv has already offered. This means that the overall price of any course during this offer will slump to as low as 10% of its original price, since the Christmas and New Year offer reduces the cost of the courses by 60% after the first layer of discount, and not on the original price. The net discount during this Christmas and New Year is thus 90% of the original price.

All that the learners need to do to get this offer is to apply the code, SIMPLIVDEAL50 when they visit the website and make the choice of the course that they want to buy.

Simpliv says that the aim of offering this discount for Christmas and New Year is to bring down the cost of learning even further for learners, who could be situated in any part of the world. Simpliv has been spearheading an effort to eliminate the elitism associated with education and simplify and bring it down to the level of the ordinary person.

Simply has been working to make education something that will be affordable, available, and accessible to everyone across the globe. It wants to ensure that just no learner who is interested in learning anything of her choice should be left out of the education process. It wants to make sure that any learner should be able to pursue any course of her dream and choice, irrespective of which part of the world she is located in, which family background she comes from, which religion or race she belongs to, or what her financial condition is.

By bringing hundreds of courses within the range of learners, Simpliv wants to enhance the learning experience and make education a facility that everyone and anyone can have. This Christmas and New Year discount is valid for every of Simpliv’s courses. These courses are offered in areas of both IT and non-IT.

Some of the IT areas in which Simpliv’s courses offer insightful learning and knowledge include:
o Machine Learning
o Big Data
o AI
o IoT
o Data Science
o Cybersecurity, and lots more.

These are some of the non-IT areas in which Simpliv has designed a huge number of courses, all of which are aimed at enhancing the knowledge and life skills needed for people to succeed in both their lives and their professions. This is a small sample of some of the non-IT courses that Simpliv offers:
o Yoga
o Art therapy
o Public speaking
o Presentations
o Leadership
o Overcoming depression and grief, plus many, many more.

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